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Masters graduate in philosophy, living in a world beyond the 5 senses, occasional humanitarian aid volunteer, perspectively disciplined, passionate for the creative arts - particularly drama & poetry, and currently doing a PhD in 'The Social Construction of Ethics'.


Getting Over an Emotional Obsession: An Email

It’s taken me a real long time to post this for a couple of reasons. The main reason being that I wanted to make sure that it worked. To give a brief outline, I got an email from someone I didn’t know explaining that she had this year-long uncontrollable love […]


What Freedom Are We Fighting For? Pt. 4/4 – The Dogma of Advertising and Consumerism

As the call for freedom in the Middle-East cements itself into Western activist culture, some of us continue to question the extent to which a culture so consumed in consumerism is able to make such a call. This is considered in light of major and more nuanced social and psychological […]


What Freedom Are We Fighting For? Pt. 3/4 — Media Limitations and Manipulations

All social, political and economic policies and debates are communicated through our media. Therefore, the breadth of our democratic experience is largely defined by the structure of the media and its content. This may not be an immediate cause for panic in itself, but consider this alongside the centralization […]


What Freedom Are We Fighting For? Pt. 2/4 — How Social Fear Inhibits Our Freedom

In Part 1, I discussed the concept of freedom with regards to the banking system and argued that its principles of lending lead to an unjust dynamic between citizens and banks, mirroring a master-slave relationship. Here, I intend to show how crime and the national conditioning of fear are also […]


What Freedom Are We Fighting For? Pt. 1/4

There is a call for ‘freedom’ in the Middle East, both from citizens within its troubled borders, and from our own Western supporters of democracy overseas. This is, of course, with good intention. However, the call seems remarkably simplistic. There is a formulaic image being created of Arab heroes rushing […]