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    How We Can (Actually) Change The World – Pt. 1/3

    What this is not: A wishy-washy, positive thinking, pie-in-the-sky idea about changing the world. I will not be advocating the power of group meditation, overthrowing the powers that be or anything else that can be easily scoffed at.What this is: A three-part series covering logical AND tangible ways to instigate awesome change on a global scale. I will cover the following concepts in order:The single change the world needs most dearly How real change occurs The specific mission I think will bring about those changes. This has been formulating in my mind for the better part of 4 years, culminating in the last few months. It's suffice to say that I am very excited to be sharing this with all of you.


    One Simple Idea: How Positive Thinking Reshaped Modern Life

    Since the 1990s, an intriguing courtship has emerged between certain branches of quantum theorizing and psychology. Neuroscientists and research psychiatrists, notably Jeffrey M. Schwartz, M.D., of...


    The True Nature of Happiness

    Ultimate happiness is a tricky mistress, always hanging just around the corner with promising smiles and wiles. Or at least it seems this way until you realize that...Happiness does not come from a state, but from a change of state.In other words, happiness does not come from the prize, but in the process of attaining that prize. It's a journey, not a destination.Once that end goal is achieved, the satisfaction quickly degrades until we're left looking for the next high.You might be thinking - but WHY? Why does everything so rapidly lose its luster?


    Neurochemical Overclocking: How To Unlock the Hidden Powers of Your Mind & Boost Productivity

    This article is a OptiMind review. But, in order to understand a pill that will boost your brain, we need to place it in a much larger context. What is enhancement really? What are the ethics of...


    The Real Meaning Behind Your Dreams

    I have encountered many conversations with people where they tell me about a dream they had, and shrug it off as if it were nothing. “It’s just a dream,” they’ll say. To which I immediately respond, “Oh no it’s not!!” Here’s why.Dreams are a very interesting feature of the human mind. Every dream you have ever had has the very same roots, causes, and components that, if you are aware, can be seen and traced back to your daily life...


    FreeNet: The Underground Internet

    The Freenet Project is essentially an internet within the internet, but with absolutely no censorship. The information hosted on Freenet is encryted and routed through many different nodes, which...


    5 Lessons We Can Learn From Children

    Children possess brilliance in their simplicity. They may not know much about the world, but in some ways this is their biggest strength. Growing up greatly expands our views of the world, but there...


    Why We Argue

    WIthin the animal kingdom, if you’re a lion, and another lion encroaches on your territory, you roar and growl to let the other guy know this is your space. Testing the water, he roars and growls right back at you. Often, after a series of traded threats, the outsider will stand down, and the argument dissipates. Occasionally, the other lion does not back off and a bloody fight ensues until one is mortally injured or submits. Sound familiar? How often do we argue with our significant others, our siblings, our parents, our friends with the overwhelming need to be right, to be the victor? And what’s wrong with that? Well, wrong is a matter of perspective, but I will say that we are not lions...most of us, anyway.


    The Science of How to Consciously Control Your Immune System

    On March 23rd, 2013, twenty-four scientific study participants were injected with a dead strain of Escherichia coli, a bacteria that normally induces violent sickness for days on end. This time,...


    The Defining Question Of Your Life

    Is there a cause you would die for?Something that, if it was successful, would change the world in an enormous, seemingly magical way?Something that goes far beyond you as an individual, the importance of which dwarfs your existence...if any thing can, in fact, do that?Something that gives you the chills every time you ponder it, share it with friends, or even distantly entertain the thought...


    Law of Attraction – Take Control of Your Life

    Warning: This article will sound like complete bullshit to the conservative mind. If you can go into the reading with an open mind and are willing to try the methods described with the intention of...


    How To Install a Power-Up Button On Your Body

    For the last few months I have been habitually drawing a thin circle on the top of my left hand. The idea was that every time I noticed this circle, I would be reminded/compelled to return to a present, zen state. This worked so well that I decided to have it tattooed on a few nights ago.I've since discovered the immense potential (and fun) of attributing specific 'powers' to parts of your body or objects. Read on to understand what I'm talking about!


    Comedy with a Conscience – On Bill Hicks and Frankie Boyle

    The death of William Melvin “Thanks dad!” Hicks in 1994 signalled the loss of not only a great comic talent but also the most scathing political satirist and social commentator to have emerged...


    This Is the Secret to Bill Clinton’s Charisma [Video Breakdown]

    If you met Bill Clinton you would be spellbound, no matter your politics. People often comment that they feel like the most important person in the room when Clinton speaks to them, even if the...


    100 Possessions: How Giving Up Everything Can Make Your Life More Full

    It was seven years ago and I was tired when it happened. I don’t remember what put me on tilt. I had spent too much time in one place. All the stuff I had collected was holding me down. No...


    A Little Visual Inspiration

    Just some inspirational quotes put artfully over pictures (for the most part) that I found around the Internet. You might have heard some of these before but the majority are rather obscure, yet very...


    Microexpressions: Almost Undetectable Facial Language

    Micro Expressions are split-second muscle changes in the face that indicate that a person is either conscious or unconsciously supressing their true emotions. These changes are constantly occurring on...


    Altru-Hedonism: A New Perspective on Pleasure & Helping Others

    Altru-Hedonism is a mash-up of the terms altruism (selfless concern for the welfare of others) and hedonism (the pursuit of pleasure). Normally these terms are considered antonyms, which would make my...


    My Radical Realization About Self-Love

    **Note: I have written 100+ articles on this website about ways to improve yourself. Besides meditation, nothing comes close to how much the content of this article has changed my life. If...


    4 BIG Tips For Annihilating Your Goals This Year!

    With the New Year upon us, you probably have some New Year’s resolutions on your mind. Here’s a three simple things you can do to massively increase your likelihood of success.Find A Goal Partner!A University of Pittsburg experiment studied people who followed a weight loss program. There were two groups – one with “homework” that included sharing a healthy meal with a friend or family member, and calling each other to check in and encourage each other, and another with no homework.The group with no friend/family member succeeded at a 24% rate, while the group with homework succeeded at a 66% rate...