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6 Tips and Tricks for Polyphasic Sleep

Jordan has written some excellent articles on polyphasic sleep. So good in fact that I...

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Mozart as Medicine: The Health Benefits of Music

Turn up the volume and turn down the stress...

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The Ultimate Guide to Fitness: Men’s Edition

If you’ve read Tim Ferris’s “The 4-Hour Body,” then you’re familiar with the term “Harajuku moment.” He defines it as the single, definitive moment when we decide to make a dramatic...

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The Other Side of Polyphasic Sleep

About a year ago I found myself with a lot of free time on my hands. So I decided to cheat on sleep. An internet meme knocked on my door called 'polyphasic sleep' and rumour has it that by switching...

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Repetition, Bubbles, and Immune Systems: Why We Must Start Dreaming Again

All living organisms, including the human race, are creatures of habit. That is to say, we train ourselves, again and again, in order to better ourselves. If not, the skills we have come to rely on...

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Unger and the Sorites Paradox

If someone empties a 50-pound sack of beans onto the ground, those beans will form a heap (or a pile, or a mound, or whatever term you want to use to indicate a large grouping). Suppose someone then...

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Imagine a World

Need some motivation or a quick change in thinking? Check out this new graphical motivator :) Imagine a world where... well I'm not going to tell you about the world in this excerpt! You have to click...

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Why Humanity Must Become a Multi-Planetary Species

With various existential risks looming, humanity must either colonize space or risk extinction. It's time to become a multi-planetary species.

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Oh It’s Delicious, This Thing Called Life

"Oh it's delicious, this thing called life. It's a scrumptious experience, no? Are you not allowed to experience everything? The tears, the joy, the pain,the gladness, the exaltation, the massive...

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How to Overcome Perfectionism: Life Lessons from Kubrick to Picasso

Learn creative lessons from Picasso, Kubrick, Spielberg, Woody Allen, and leading psychologists to overcome perfectionism and improve your productivity and wellbeing.

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How to Harness the Dark Side of the Force

Yoda spoke of the destructive power of anger, but not of the constructive power. There are two sides to every coin; every truth is a paradox. Sith lords wield great power because of their ability to...

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Esperanto: The Universal Language

Through the centuries, many have named language as the primary barrier to complete harmony among the...

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The Large Hadron Collider

Never before has their been a project with more implications on the world of physics than the Large...

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