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Install a Swing in Your Living Room to Make Life Significantly More Awesome

It's one of those things that 99.9999% of people never realized would imbue their living space with an all-permeating aura of playfulness and awesomeness.

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Why You Meditate For Others

At first, every one of us became interested in meditation for purely egoistic reasons. 'I want to calm my mind' or 'I'd like to decrease my stress levels' or maybe even 'Whoa! I can become...

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I’m 32, and Last Week I Retired – Chapter 3: Going Tribal with the Mentawai of Indonesia

Four months after I retired I took an adventure with the Mentawai of Indonesia. I share with you my experiences, and what I took away from this beautiful culture.

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Cathedral Consciousness: On Maintaining an Awe-Filled State in Daily Life

How to stay aware of the sprawlingly wondrous world around you in day-to-day life.

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Life Pro Tip #1: Make Your Mondays Badass

4 months ago I moved to Weston, Connecticut. Your first question is probably ‘What the heck...

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FreeNet: The Underground Internet

The Freenet Project is essentially an internet within the internet, but with absolutely no...

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Short Meditations on Utopia Pt. 3/3

**If you missed the introduction to this post, click here** 5) Questioning Bliss Is following your...

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Global Happiness Through Space and Time

Recently there have been several  studies comparing the overall satisfaction of people in different...

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The Reluctant Jihadist: My Views on Religion, Ingratitude, and the False Ego

The word religion comes from the Latin re-ligare, it means to re-align, man to man, man to his source.

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Civilization: A Saga

we all reside in self-inflicted purgatories guided by the light coming from the fire we set a flame walking, rather tip toeing carefully along a tight rope we strung tightly eyes...

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How To Follow Your Bliss [VIDEO]

How To Follow Your Bliss “Follow your bliss and don’t be afraid, and doors will open where you...

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