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6 Magnificent Meditation Illustrations To Improve Your Practice

Anxiety There is No Right Way to Meditate


10 Sentences That Can Change Your Perspective On Life

Photo by Maja.


For The Love Of God – The Divine Art Of Alex Grey

Visionary mystical experiences are humanity’s most direct contact with God and are the creative source of all sacred art and wisdom traditions. -Alex Grey One  Visionary Origin of Language The infinite vibratory levels, the dimensions of interconnectedness are without end. There is nothing independent. All beings and things are residents in […]


10 MEGA Inspirational Zen Pencils Comics

I've handpicked the 10 most inspiration comics from the Zen Pencil's blog. This wonderful comic takes famous, inspirational quotes and turns them into deliciously illustrated comics.


How to Harness the Dark Side of the Force

Yoda spoke of the destructive power of anger, but not of the constructive power. There are two sides to every coin; every truth is a paradox. Sith lords wield great power because of their ability to tap into their emotions. While controlling emotions like anger and sadness is optimal, these […]



Need some motivation or a quick change in thinking? Check out this new graphical motivator :) Imagine a world where... well I'm not going to tell you about the world in this excerpt! You have to click through to see the whole picture. By the way, have a freaking fantastic […]


Oh It’s Delicious, This Thing Called Life

"Oh it's delicious, this thing called life. It's a scrumptious experience, no? Are you not allowed to experience everything? The tears, the joy, the pain,the gladness, the exaltation, the massive depression, the win, the loss the draw? What more is there?"Here's a short and sweet post aimed at reminding […]