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Profile photo of emptyminded The Secret Teachings of All Ages

I’m not sure if it will work, but I will try to give the link to a free download of this book here… http://www.globalgrey.co.uk/Pages/secret-teachings-of-all-ages.html


Profile photo of Dhyan Girlfriend looks through my phone behind my back: Should I be concerned?

I’ve been dating my gf for about 15 months and am feeling uncomfortable with something she continues to do, look through my phone. She doesn’t do this by asking or when I’m around (even though she knows...


Profile photo of WilliamWade Favorite Books?

While i often see “top 10 books that will change your perspective” or something similar, i have found it extremely peculiar to speculate that there is such a list. Everyone is impacted differently by every...


Profile photo of Peter Dreaming about the same person over and over again…why?

Why am I dreaming about contacting a person over and over again when it is clear the person doesn’t want anything to do with me or whatsoever, why do I have these dreams:S…it screws me up, because I...


[HE 30 Day Challenge] October 2015: Make The World Better!

‘If you’re not making someone else’s life better, you’re wasting your time’ – Will Smith Hello HEthens, Welcome to the site wide “world improvement challenge”. The science...


The legal version of Adderall?

Recently my boss came to work all excited about a new discovery of his and handed me a orange pill that was supposed to be the legal version of Adderall. I must say that I felt much more awake, alert, focused, and even...


Where are you from?

Who knows, maybe you’ll find someone cool that lives right near you. I’m from Southern California — Fullerton to be specific.


Why do some people think that happiness is impossible?

In my English class the other day, we were discussing the idea of happiness. I used the word “euphoric” to describe feeling true happiness and my professor’s response was something to the effect of...


A sense of urgency to achieve your fullest potential

So I was wondering if any of you share this similar feeling with me; that as you begin to find yourself in the world and realizing your ‘purpose’ in life, that there is a sense of urgency to reach there. I...


Do You Know Anyone Like This?

Do you know someone who is spiritual, has done a lot of hallucinogenics, and just doesn’t seem to make any sense? It seems like they have these run on sentences that don’t actually mean anything. They jump...


Any one want to live in the mountains of Colorado in Earthship and off Grid?

Starting a Earthship commune type place to go and live off the land and be free. Geodesic greenhouses and creative place where their is no worries, no pressure, no bullshit, raise a family. Any one want to live in an...


Profile photo of SoulPerfection How can I stop watching porn/hentai/hentai manga/naked women pics.

I masterbet alot, that my penis seems burned from rubbing too much when I see beautiful women I start thinking about her in dirty ways I CANT take off my eyes from boobs and asses in our class there are some hot girls ,...


Profile photo of Mikey W HEthens who are bored of social media but waste time on it anyways?

Facebook, twitter are fun maybe in the first couple of months on it. You get bored by it soon. I deleted my social media accounts 6 months ago, but even before i quit i knew something about them kept pulling me back to...


Profile photo of SoulPerfection I see pulsating purple light/energy when I meditate….whats up with that?

Has any one had a similar experience? I have no idea what this means or the implications of it. What do I do with it? In more detail: The energy static patterns begin a few minutes after I begin the usual meditation...


Profile photo of Vegola Personality Test – What Personality Type Are You?

http://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test A free test based on the Myers-Briggs. I’ve given it to friends and family and everyone agrees it is very accurate. I am an INFP. What personality type are you?