Profile photo of Drew conservative people drive me crazy !

hey everyone. I wanted to share something that’s been stuck on my mind for a while. I live in turkey and as most of you can guess, most of the population here consists of conservative people. Even though i live in...


Profile photo of OneHighGuy [QOD] "Terrorists send a message to the president saying…"

Question of the Day! Terrorists send the president a message saying that unless he gives them $25 billion, they’ll detonate a nuclear bomb in Manhattan. What should the president do? What would you do?


Profile photo of Ellie Personal Blogs?

Hi, I am looking for inspiration. Does anyone on here have a personal blog that they would like to share? I have just started my own personal blog- stanpercy.wordpress.com On this blog I will be posting my experiences...


Profile photo of SoulPerfection Existential Crisis

Yesterday started very normal. Had my morning routine. Went out met with my friends and girlfriend. Had a couple beers. And came back home to play some poker. I took my everyday nootropic (Caffeine, L-theanine). And was...