Profile photo of kgkicker Feeling less than you're really worth

I feel really anxious, sad, worthless, and helpless right now. I might even end up having a panic attack. I just can’t stand where my life is at right now. I’m not very happy with how my job is getting in the...


Profile photo of Kris Psychedelic adventurers: how has your usage changed you?

I’m curious to hear how psychedelics have changed their users or their lives, for better or worse.  For me personally, mushrooms have been  a powerful agent of personal growth and change. I now find...


Profile photo of adam Officially reaching out for help.

Hello.  This is quite hard for me, as I’m not the kind of person who seeks for help unless in great need. This website has been part of me for the last year; it took me in and helped me when I first...