Profile photo of TheAppetizer Dragon Stories and the Ego.

So a little while back i was smoking and thinking about dragons (classic right?) i started to think about how dragons sprung up in stories and myths. My thought process went a little like this; a dragon is a big, scaly,...


Profile photo of ObsidianSoul Would You Want to Know the Time/Place of Your Death?

On the one hand, it might be liberating to know, as often seen when people with a terminal illness are given “x months to live.” Personally, I prefer the mystery of not knowing. However, I suppose if it was...


Profile photo of Ayoofortune [Psychedelic Saturday] Share your thoughts, experiences, and questions!

Do you have any questions about psychedelics or stories the HE community would love to hear? Share share share!


Profile photo of blamminski [QOD] Do you think x-ray goggles that could render people naked should be banned?

Question of the Day: X-Ray Goggles Do you think that high-tech goggles that let you “see through” people’s clothing should be banned? How much would you pay for glasses that rendered people naked?