Terrorist attacks

Ive hung out with all kinds of people, from conspiracy theorist, to philosophers, and i just want to know what do you guys think about the recent terrorist attacks and threats?


The Iguana will bite those who do not dream?

“On this bridge, Lorca warns: life is not a dream. Beware, and beware, and beware! And so many think because then happened, now isn’t. But didn’t I mention, the on-going WOW is happening, right now! We are all...


Any Trip Stories?

I just wanted to make a hot discussion with a lot of replies and i also like sharing and listening to trip stories so if you have one feel free to share it and it might also help people who hasn’t tripped but are...


Deep love with a blood relative

Hi guys, Its been long since I have posted. This time it is something that is hard to understand for me. I am in love with a cousin, I did not meet her much in child hood ,then suddenly she shifted to my city for studies...


Just enjoy academy and oscar nominees 2015

Just enjoy academy and oscar nominees 2015 Awards division continues to calefaction up with Monday’s actualization of nominations for the 2015 Critics’ Choice Movie Awards. “Birdman” acme the...


how fast is thinking/thought/dreams

How fast do we think is it faster than the speed of light?


I never do things and I need a little help

Okay, so i’m 14 years old and i should be outside and with my friends and all this kinda stuff but i’m not. Instead all i do every day is spend hours and hours on the internet. Not even doing anything, just...


Sleep paralysis , OBE, lucid dream

I just had my first sleep paralysis, obe, ld. it happened out of nowhere and on a sober mind. I wanted to achieve lucid dreaming for so long and it finally happened! Im super excited! Even tho the sleep paralysis wasnt...