Profile photo of SoulPerfection Lucid Dream Experiences?

I’m thinking about starting dream recall and attempting to have lucid dreams. What’s everyone else’s experiences with lucid dreams and the ability to control their dreams? Also, has anyone got any tips?


What could be causing my abdominal pain after smoking weed?

Hey Guys! So here’s the whole story… I began smoking marijuana when I was a Junior in High School. This continued and grew into a very habitual thing as I got older and went away to college. Where I found it...


Profile photo of Silvermeow [QOD] Would you play Russian roulette for $5 million?

You are offered $5 million to play a variant of Russian roulette: Before you are 10 pistols, 1 loaded. You must pick a pistol, point it at your head, and pull the trigger. If you walk away, you do so a multimillionaire....