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Im an 18 year old kid from La Paz, Bolivia. Ive been through some shit. My Father died with cáncer when i was 15, i have no true friends, i cant find anything that makes me happy, my Mother feels I Feel empty. I Feel my...


Profile photo of lastunicorn [Philosophy Friday] Talk about metaphysics, futurism and technology here!

Today is philosophy day! Philosophers are lovers (Philo) of Wisdom (Sophia) – we try to understand the nature of reality, cause and effect, hidden assumptions behind theories, and perhaps ultimately, our own...


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First I want to introduce myself. I’m a 17 years old teenager boy. I’m not a native speaker so there can be some issues. I still haven’t noticed what my problem is. I give up so easily at whatever...


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High Existence Question of the Day: It’s a deep one…If your mother and father told you that they never really loved or even liked you, and you knew it was absolutely true, how would if affect your life?