Health benefits of pranayama & meditation

Dr John Lilly once said: “Yoga is the science of the East. Science is the Yoga of the West.” While he was referring to the direct experiential methodology of consciousness change that comprises yoga, a kind...


Quotes on Writing

Good writing is hard to do but known intuitively by the reader to be good because, like music, the author sufficiently tunes each syllable of a particular time or situation in the story perfectly with the appropriate...


Profile photo of jocelynk the nihilism crisis

this refers to my own problems with nihilism. this is my first attempt at a blog so all tips and criticism is welcomed. in Albert Camus essay the myth of Sisyphus he tackles what he believes is the fundamental...


Profile photo of Claudio Sebastian Whatever happened to that map of people on HE?

Like, Google-Earth style? Did that ever happen or was it shut down, and if so why?