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Traveling experience: where have you been?

Hi everyone :) let’s share our travel experience and feelings in it )


We are the universe!!!

Can’t you see guys? you are the universe, i am the universe, we are the universe, it’s...


If you have a chance to become any fantastic or real creature who will you be?

Let’s dream a bit )  if I have this opportunity I’ll be a fantastic griffon who can...


What is something that makes you happy to be alive in 2016?

I’ll start. I’m happy to be alive because I get to experience this album, as well as...


The life of a lonely soul.

As my life has passed me by, friends have come and gone. Some have left my life of their own will,...


In need of help with growing spiritually!

My goal is to grow spiritually before attempting extreme revelations (ie. traveling, growing older,...


Should I quit my job?

Just a little background before I go into it.. I’m 20 years old and I’ve worked the last...


Bring ideas to Reality with Mass Focus

There have been a few to see if a group of people focusing on compassion/peace can reduce violence...


What do you think of my lyrics?

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What do you want changed in the world?

We are thinking simple here. I’m looking for simple one liners and it can be anything, big or...


A new alternative social network for change and privacy has just launched on Kic

If you guys have not heard already, a new alternative social network has launched on kickstarter...


Recurring dream of ex bf

For the past few months i have been dreaming of my ex bf but i find it weird because we dated in...


Sleep hallucinations or astral projection?

Hey guys. So long story short, since a young age I have experienced sleep paralysis where I have...


How do you write your affirmations and why?

I have recently gotten into writing and speaking affirmations and I am having a hard time getting...