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What do you guys think a close/good friend is?

Inspired by another topic about friendship I always kind of wondered what other people actually...


Books on chakras

Hey guys, I’d like to expand my knowledge on chakras by reading a book or two, but its been...


Friendship: All or Nothing?

My whole life I’ve been the type of person who is very selective about who I let in my life...


Just have to say this

I don’t really know where to start but I constantly feel anxious and more or less consumed...


Help with an idea.

I have this really great idea and I think it could be a lot better with other input. I want to start...


Are there any famous Enlightened yogis alive?

I’d really like to read up on some Enlightened people and would want to possibly meet one. A...


accepting fate

psilocybin = some old ass voodoo shit that teaches you about non-physical reality and impending doom...


Good destination for short venture in Europe??

Hello guys! I’ve decided that over the summer I’m going to go on a short holiday to...


College Degree

Hello, I’ve been lurking around HE for a while now and am finally posting a thread. I have a...


Meditation for the empty mind: The foundation

the following is a summary of one of three parts to Step (1) from Franz Bardon’s,...


DNA "Perfect for digital storage"

Trippy read right here! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-21145163


Taking "risks" to make money

I’m a skeptic, a stand-up comic, student and newly attempting making money online....


living simply?

In the last 2 years i have really turned my life around on so many levels, still trying to keep...


psilocybin tea

i came across a batch of shroomis, and i was curious to try a new way to ingest them. Does anyone...