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collective consciousness! real or a delusion?

i would like to hear your guys opinions on if there is a true collective conscious or God that...


Treatise on Guitar Hero: Solid Advice

You should calibrate for lag on the game when you are sober, and when you are stoned. HAHAH..


Getting out the school- Am I crazy enough ?

So I am became really tired learning in school what I won’t use in the real life. I discovered...


how to tap into your bodies free drugs.

clench the muscles you would use to hold in a pee close your eyes and slowly inhale deep 2 to 5 long...


Marriage Proposal

We’ve been together for the past three and a half years, and I’m feeling like the time...


Encounter with my reflection

I groggily rolled out of bed and yawned. I hate mornings. I slumped over to the bathroom and looked...


Polyphasic sleep question (for seasoned polyphasers)

Hello Everybody, I have already cut my sleep from 8hrs to 4hrs on Everyman so I’m not too...


365 Day Challenge: Trying Something New

Life is short. We categories it by years lived. Each year equates to 365 days. That’s 365 new...



I was just wondering if any of the community has encountered this problem. You’re pretty well...


Population Control

Let’s say (hypothetically) that the world was getting overpopulated. So overpopulated in fact...


Pythagorean's Secret Teachings.

Hey, I’m looking for a little information on Pythagorean. Any thoughts or knowledge concerning...


Need Help Changing My Life and Sticking With The Changes/Adderall

I have a lot to say in this, so please read through it all. I will try to structure it as best as I...


The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross

Any thoughts of Jan Irvin and his research, he certainly seems like a man who has done plenty of it...


Earthship Academy

Has anyone thought about doing this? Has anyone done it? Thoughts/ideas/experiences?...


The Planet Is Full

I need to know what you all think of this video. Will the revolution happen? When will the...