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Comfort Zones

http://suvudu.com/files/suvudumedia/nedroid5.jpg This may seem like a funny comic, but it’s...


How powerful is HE as a social media generator? (Loads of new tracks:)

So, Yesterday i joined the site and posted a video of a track I’ve been working on. People...


Society lacking in/sheltered from criticism?

It seems that in society there are topics that are considered minimally to be rude but often...


Shared Lucid Dream

Does anyone think it is possible to experience a shared lucid dream with another person? If so, how...


Live, Laugh, and Love:

www.freedomforariane.blogspot.com The opposite of how I feel lately. I blindly hit a bump in the...


baby cured of Aids?

Apparently a baby in Mississippi was cured of HIV hours after being born. Any thoughts on this?


You Are Truly Alone

Some of you may have realized this already. Some of you may not fully realize it yet. But you are...


My ego tells me i`m a god

-1. I am not a god, there is no transcendent vs material. 0. On this frequency I am the body, on...


I Was a Paid Internet Shill: How Shadowy Groups Manipulate Internet Opinion and

Just found this online, not sure of the truth behind it. By Ex-Shill, Above Top Secret I am writing...


Do you believe there is a working alternative cure for cancer?

I know there are many said ‘natural’ or ‘alternative’ cures and many...


The body-brain

New research has come to light that proves that, in addition to the brain communicating with all...


Spirit versus Brain

What are the real functions of the brain versus the spirit? So far my understanding is that the...


Could art and total global unity coexist?

In my opinion, a lot of the best art out there (whether it be music, literature, paintings) is...


Feet 4 Feat

Hey all. A friend and myself are going to walk around South Africa to build awareness that only we...


What martial art would Jesus do?

What are the ethics and morality in learning and practicing a martial art? Would an enlightened...