Profile photo of anjelica A walk by darkness lit my way

For me, it happened one night after seeing something on TV related to war, where they showed images of ammunition being carried by the millions, and I thought that it was very probable that there were enough bullets in...


Profile photo of sian Changing depth perception.

So I’ve been able to change my focus for a while now and see what I call ‘super 3D’. Everything looks super shiny and layers are crystal clear. Whilst I think this is pretty common I’ve also...


Profile photo of LVX The most terrible fear

I have an ongoing fear of insanity. Serious insanity, but it’s not that I’ll lose grip on reality – it’s that reality itself is the insanity. I don’t believe there is such thing as insanity,...


Profile photo of JustinDanger Austin Psych Music Fest 2015/ Levitation

Is anyone from here going this year?