Profile photo of Mikey W Is Suicide Logical?

I took this discussion from reddit. Please let me know your thoughts below! The question, “is suicide logical?” seems to be very clear-cut and simple in my head and one that I simply don’t understand...


Profile photo of Samuelb I'm losing my memory and it's extremely frustrating…HELP!

    Growing up I was always known for my memory. People would ask me to remind them to do things, or remember numbers. I was always great at taking notes and drawing because I could l look at something once and...


Profile photo of walker Why random exists

Hey, I just wanted to share my idea of why random seems to exist, If you have any insight feel free to add it here<div>If you could have the exact calculation to throw a rock, Youll find , its exact position(s)...


how to be aware of your youth

hey everyone ! i just read the article of  20 ways of feeling alive again and thought that it would be nice to have a list for things to do to feel young. I’m 24 years old and once in a while i think i should...


Profile photo of Dhyan Modern Lack of Critical Thinking and Beating our own Stereotypes

Hello HEthens; recently I have noticed a common trait amongst some individuals who might fit the description of “New Age” or other terms delineating people who have deviated from traditional spiritual,...