Profile photo of stargazer Significance of life

In the same way humans are programmed to eat, drink and make love, we’re designed to die as well. Lakhs of mosquitoes die a day, yet the concept of ‘a mosquito’ remains. Even the smartest of cells in our body make...


Profile photo of Kyle van der Walt May sobriety challenge

Hello fellow HEthens! I have been using a few state altering drugs this year. To list a them: Alcohol, coffee, sugar, nicotine, ecstasy, poppers and LSD. I haven’t been over doing any of them in particular but I...


Profile photo of LVX Why you people are so dumb

Wow You People are dumb This started as a haiku, but now is going to be something else. So fuck you and bite the time, Writing like your in high school is a crime.


Profile photo of LVX Awakening Is NOW

We All have awaken. We are awake right now, don’t You feel it? Regardless of if Your soul is at a level to accept it – It has come. We are enlightened. Right now, at this very moment. We are the very Structure,...