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~Remembering Home~

Floating within my mother’s womb, I am safe and sound; feeling overwhelming comfort. Because I...


Charleston, SC

Trying to meet more people like me.. if you live here or near here post a comment or send a message.


My Manifesto.

So recently a teacher asked us to write a manifesto on why we chose to study the degree we’re...


Through the Wormhole

Just watched part 1/3 of this documentary, and I must say it’s pretty interesting. Anyone seen...


Getting into Buddhism

As I’m maturing I’m rapidly noticing certain aspects of my personality becoming more...


man can survive on sunlight and water alone?

so there are always these discussions (with both sides quite passionate) about what kind of diet is...


The Diet Solution Program. Heard of it?

I am considering buying this Diet Solution Program....


what’s hidden in an empty box?

"what’s hidden in an empty box?" was my fortune cookie from facebook today. here are...


Perfect and Flawed.

I would like to argue that every infinity a game comes to be that is perfect. This game comes to...


Couchsurfing thief hits Occupy Amsterdam

http://occupytv.nl/couchsurfing-thief-king-kurt/ The Occupy movement in Amsterdam has been granted a...


Jack of all Trades Problem

Hey there! I recently joined HE and saw a lot of Advice topics and such, which is great, so...


HE becoming slow and prone to frequent outages

Maybe it’s just me, but HE has been totally inaccessible for me twice this week alone, and...


how has psilocybin impacted your reality?

opened up my doors to inner peace/contentment, healthy eating, dance, and meditation.


Does anyone do QiGong?

Just as the title says, does anyone do qigong? I was wondering how good of a tool it would be to do...


Do you believe in the UN?

Since this website has people from all over the world — and I’d like to flatter myself...