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Life is a game

Daily tasks can be boring. We’ve all been there. I’m curious as to what little things...


Candy flipped (LSD+Molly) at a rave. Think I fell in love with this girl. B

So me and a buddy of mine recently went up to denver for a music festival. It was two nights and it...


A New Approach to Time and Space Travel

Here is a weird idea I have been working on for a few days now. I have to lay down some ideas and...


Brushing your Teeth

Humans are the only animal that uses hands to use tools to brush their teeth. What do dinosaurs have...


My Feeling of Sadness and Need for Encouragement

Let me start off by saying that this is not a discussion thread for people to tell me how to feel...


What are your thoughts on competition?

Thoughts on competition? A recurring theme in my writing over the years has been that the...


Respect her

Nine months ago, a really good close friend of mine came to me with a problem. She’d been dating...


Lysander Spooner

Yes – No……………peace


What is all this talk about higher frequencies?

I’ve been hearing all sort of topics about higher frequencies, vibrational energy, and related...


That void

Hey everyone. Do you ever feel like there is an unquenchable desire that you don’t know what...


There is Hope

First and foremost, this is an opinion, an observation of myself and in the lives others. Now, I am...


Why modern music is terrible.

I am a strong believer that todays pop music is absolute garbage and turns girls into whores and...


6 hours in bed watching porn, and writing on feminist blogs

There’s something wrong. No matter how balanced the rest of my life is, I never seem to be...


The story behind HighExistence?

Hello, Just checking in to let you know that I really appreciate this community, and also to ask a...


Admit it. You're not like them.

102. TIMOTHY LEARY: You aren’t like them