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I fucking love HE.

The reason why I love High Existence so much? Because I live in a conservative area where even...


Help me come up with a name for my ensemble

Hello! I am working on a choreography project, and I need to find a name for the group of nine...


Best nootropics?

Which are the best nootropics and why?


Writing as a way to heal bad feelings

Hey. I have been reading this blog lately trying to get my life sorted out, and I came across this...


What do you think is the biggest and/or darkest secret that is being kept from t

It’s a simple question. Let’s have some fun with it. Don’t be afraid to go into...


Falling Into The System

As a teenager I fear growing old and ending up existing rather than living. I do not want to work my...


How to love

Is there a new way of loving? Is it theoretical? Is it possible? Is it desired world of infidelity...


If I think their for Iam really what am I darwins theory or gods creation

Are we evolved apes? Or gods creation ?or put here by extraterrestrials? Any good ideas with good...


Lions Tigers and Bears oh my.

Soo, All HEthens interested should meet together, and start some kind of real movement. This website...



Hi, I don’t know where else to post this, but a year ago I broke up with my girlfriend who...


How is it that ACTA hasn’t been discussed on here yet?!

We need to discuss ACTA, what do you guys think about the proposal? How do you feel about it? What...


Marijuana discussion

I love weed. I smoke on a daily basis, I’ve been smoking daily since last September. Lately...


sacred geometry

the algorithm that manifests this dimension. When i was younger i was always drawn to even complex...


The scariest moment of your life

I don’t know why but I’ve been thinking about it all day. I came to a conclusion that...


i can’t go about this alone, help me please.

hi everybody! I’m known as Daniel. it’s like i’m starting the social race 20 years...