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Dreams (goals)

Dreams are the most fundamental part of the human experience. They provide us with a yearning and...


Can tech help us get rid of tech addictions?

With the rise of Technology, there is a great rise in our addiction and dependency upon these...


The love of God

“I form the light, and create darkness. I make peace, and CREATE EVIL. I the LORD do ALL these...


Not sure what to do next?

I am 21 years old and recently extremely depressed with my existence. I’m not sure where I am...


I'm trying to remember a story…

Maybe one of you has read it. It’s a short story, one I read online a while back about this...


good magazines?

My apologies if there is already a post about this, I tried searching and didn’t come up with...


Help with lucid dreaming

I recently came across the idea that we could have a lucid dream..i hv been trying it for 15 days...


Look at what I've become.

March this year and my life was becoming unbearable. I’d began shooting out tendrils of...


Is trust dangerous?

In my opinion, trust is like handing yourself to someone. You become their property. They can...


Meet the coolest mayor in the world

Yep. Doesn’t get much cooler than this. Meet the Coolest Mayor in the World


I am lost, please help me

I am 20 years old and I have been on a spiritual journey for the past year or so and ive made a lot...


In ten years, what do you think you'll want to tell your 2013 self?

I often look back at my younger self, and I have things I want to warn my younger self about, things...


Jim Gaffigan: McDonald's

I love when humor is used to make a point, What is your McDonald’s?


Change–The World

Past- The best teacher ever; one can learn through. It teaches what was done and what...


A thought about relationships

Isn’t it interesting how an abstract concept like a relationship can have a tangible impact? At...