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Watch_720p"Hidden Figures"Online Free!! FOX Movie! Hd

  Watch  Hidden Figures (2016) Free Online | Full Movie.Watch. Hidden...


people are things

Was just thinking about this. For my whole life I’ve assumed and been taught about an...


Is technology ruining society?

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like technologs is ruining the raw way of life? To me,...


How to look scary

so no one bullies no one insults pick on u


What is your favorite story to tell?

Sad? Happy? Inspirational? What story do you love telling about yourself?


Um what do you guys believe in ?

Well this though has always played around in my mind, do you guys believe our life is already...


Crazy little thing called love

So from what i’ve grown to realize is when you like someone there’s always one person...


I'm going to be a father ??!! Need higher advice please

I’m 19 years old and my girlfriend is pregnant, we were not expecting or planning on having a...


Would like to know what do you feel when u are totally alone, relaxed & happy

Relax, forget this world and ppl around you, feel good, watch the sunset or a bird flying, drink a...


What do you think happens when the light barrier is broken?

If a sonic boom happens when the sound barrier (761 mph) is broken, what do you think happens when...


Im attempting to induce a lucid dream.

I just started to attempt to control my dreaming. The method i figure to realize that Im actually...


Picking up women.

How to: Pick up a woman. For anyone. Abstract Forgive yourself and everyone, and everything else for...


Numbing Yourself

Boy meets girl. Gril is funny and sexy. Boy and girl have good chemistry (he thinks so) Boy hooks up...


military helicopters flying low day and night

Has anyone else seen low flying black military type helicooters flying over day and night in cities...


Bay Area HEthizzzzens

INTRODUCE YOURSELVES!! Trying to find some like minded friends around the bay:O)