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Remember Your Dreams Better: Give Them Names

I just found that giving my dreams names helps me remember them. I don’t even have to write...


I feel stuck in this life

Basically, i feel like I am expected to go to college, graduate, get a steady paying job, marry...



There once was a king who offered a prize to the artist who would paint the best picture of Peace....


Which is better degree MBA or MCS?

I want to know that which is better degree MBA or MCS?


Danger of Human Overpopulation Is NOT A MYTH

Yes, all human beings can be cramped up like chickens in a box but can that sustain life, No. The...


Love, one of the top ten drugs

Well to make a long story short, I met this girl talked to her, got her number we talked we...


Thoughts on the mind

A few excerpts (its really not that long of a read): “However this interaction between...


Can We Start A Revolution?

http://www.usdebtclock.org/ something wrong with this system ….


Love, The Absolute Truth

My name is Izzy and I have discovered The Absolute Truth: Love. Let me start with saying that an...


Time for the HighExistence App?

So, I think it’s definitely time we begin to think of making this real Like how many times...


Favorite Authors!

I know there are a lot of readers on HE, but who do you guys like to read the most and why. I like...


In Egypt??

Hey people :) I was wondering if anyone is in Alexandria, Egypt. or passing by i like to meet new...


May I Have Your Attention Please?!

May I have your attention please?! Martial law is real,  govern yourselves accordingly. Protect...


LSD, Ecstasy and the Power to Heal

Attitudes towards the healing powers of psychedelics seem to be changing, says Tom Shroder, the...


Self hate is a crime

If only I could just love myself unconditionally. If only I could stop putting others in a bigger...