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What is 4th density? How does it differ from 3rd density?

The density scale is talked about by numerous channelers when describing the various levels of...


Why Is There Something Rather Than Nothing: The Second Greatest Question?

In philosophy, it is often said that the greatest or ultimate question is: “Why is there...


Was Hitler Right?

Was Hitler kind of right? And did he just go about it the wrong way? Ive been learning a lot about...


[QOD] Which sex has it easier in this culture?

Question of the Day — Gender DebateWhich sex has it easier in this culture? Have you ever...


Blissful ignorance is a lie.

For a majority of my still young life, I’ve heard this many times, and for a while (especially...


Dream that came true

So the other night I had a dream sort of a blur… The only clear part was my little dogs and...


Breaking free from the Bible

Anyone who grew up in the Christian/Catholic church that no longer subscribes to that dogma- do you...


Realizing How Much I Knew and How Little I Did Know

When you come to an understanding that your are the same person and a different person altogether....


silkroad help!

I want to purchase some drugs from silkroad but unfortunately my computor wont let me download tor...


Any Bandcamp users?!

If you have a bandcamp site, post some links! i’m looking for some good ol’ DIY tunes!


Socialism inhibits evolution

I am curious about what you guys think about my random epiphany. If socialism tries to take from the...


Savages, Weed, Love, and my fear of Suburbia

So there’s a couple questions in here, bear with me. I just recently watched Oliver...



“Mors Certa, Vita Incerta” – Latin Proverb Translation: “Death is certain,...


Your body language shapes who you are!

How you feel affects your posture and you posture affects how you feel!! Remember Hermes, As above,...


your friend is a prostitute, what would you say to her about it? I am prostitute

I didn’t start it because of money. I was bored of my life and wanted something new and...