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Sleep hallucinations or astral projection?

Hey guys. So long story short, since a young age I have experienced sleep paralysis where I have...


If you have a chance to become any fantastic or real creature who will you be?

Let’s dream a bit )  if I have this opportunity I’ll be a fantastic griffon who can...


Recurring dream of ex bf

For the past few months i have been dreaming of my ex bf but i find it weird because we dated in...


What do you want changed in the world?

We are thinking simple here. I’m looking for simple one liners and it can be anything, big or...


Sex for High Frequency Beings. Sex After Frequency Increase , Sex in the Future

Anybody conciously aware of raising frequency and experiencing a flux in sexual drive or lack...


What do you think of my lyrics?

<div><br data-mce-bogus=”1″></div> <div><br...


Bring ideas to Reality with Mass Focus

There have been a few to see if a group of people focusing on compassion/peace can reduce violence...


If you could change your Zodiac sign, Which would it be? Why?

We each have a sun sign and moon sign. However most people refer to their sun sign as their Zodiac....

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