Life Philosophy

Live genuinely. Do everything for your own reasons; develop and listen to your own thoughts while taking others' into consideration. Attempt to find happiness and enjoyment in everything. Look at everything from every perspective. Appreciate the process of thorough hard work and a greater (well deserved) reward. Highly value honesty and integrity and always work to improve your overall being; never get complacent and cease to explore life. Openly share knowledge and thoughts/ opinions so that we can grow to greater heights together (rather than separating yourself). FUCK NEGATIVITY.

I am...

generally reserved with a goofy side. I write lyrics to mystic beats. I like viewing art, all kinds of movies, spending time in nature, video games, finding ways to improve my overall being, and exploring new aspects of life in general (food, science, locations, ideas, etc.).








I'm always more than happy to explore different genres and such, but I mostly listen to rap/ hip hop and tranquil beats from the likes of Flying Lotus. I also rap, myself.
My SoundCloud Page: http://soundcloud.com/jaethedream