BC, Canada

Life Philosophy

Live, Love, Laugh
And follow your Bliss

I am...

Female. Pretty sure about that.




The ones that tell a good story, teach me something, and captivate me. I have read too many books to be able to list all of those I particularly enjoyed, my memory is wonky.


Anything that makes me feel good, inspired, happy, like dancing, and compliments my mood.

Film & TV

I can't stand commercials and most of the crap broadcast on TV. I like movies and many TV shows, as long as I don't have to watch any commercials :)

Some of my most recently watched favs: Diaries of a Nymphomaniac (bloody excellent movie!), Coco Avant Chanelle, Amelie (I'm a fan of Audrey Tautou), Kill Bill 1 & 2, Mary and Max, The Gods Must Be Crazy, and the few Monty Pythons I've watched