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Live Free, One Love, Happiness is Within Us All

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I am 26 and loving life. Just striving to be happy, do what I love to do and help others do the same. I believe that one day we will all live in peace. Spread the love all around, follow your path and continue this journey through life, after life and re-birth. Im not even sure if that is something I 100% believe but its a nice concept. Peace. Love. Good Vibes.


"Success is not the key to happiness, Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing you will be successful."
– Buddha





I have a new found love for reading. All through highschool and college I hated reading. All of the books that I have read were suggested from HE blogs and threads. Check them out, read, learn, grow.


Reggae is the way. Some of my favorite bands are Josh Heinrichs, Slightly Stoopid, Rebelution, Tribal Seeds, 77 Jefferson, Stick Figure, Fortunate Youth, The Expendables, Iration, SOJA, Bob Marley and all his sons music as well. There are really too many to list, I just love reggae music.