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Life Philosophy

We live and we love. Most of us are living under the assumption that we need each other to live a happy substantial life, and though this is true for most people. I however am aware that a few individuals living today are independently living wonderful healthy lives that are full of adventure. Even though the company of others is welcome and friends are helpful. I love the ability to live because it is a wonderful thing. From the beginning of our days to the end we all live and lead lives of perfection

I am...

Ellie. A nineteen year old philosophy/ psychology major with issues beyond compare. I love art and the way it moves people. I enjoy individualism because people have the right to be themselves. May cosmic goodwill and fortune grace you.



I am in love with the lord of the rings trilogy and it's companion the hobbit. Daughter of smoke and bone is damn fabulous, but I enjoy most well written fantasy books.


I'm going through an altrnative/ indie phase at the moment. The bands that I am utterly in love with are: Two door cinema club
Panic at the disco
Deathcab for cutie
and a bunch more.

Film & TV

I adore the movie Moonrise kingdoms and Across the universe. They are one of my absolute favorites along with many, many more.