Your biggest questions in life?

I have many questions I would love to be answered, but it occured to me there are probably tonnes more great questions I haven’t even thought of. What are some of the questions you would like to know the most, or...


what about balance ?

what about balance ? is being in the state of balance a contradiction ? once you are in a state of balance, are you not also an extreme? you’re not one side, or the other, but you’re still a version of an...


When will there ever be silence

can there ever be silence. is there silence. did man kind just invent it just to do so


Why do we ask questions ?

why do we ask questions. do we want attention or do we want to know how the universe works.


A man's nipples

I have been wondering, women and men both have nipples but only one makes use of them (women breast feed babies of course ) but men do not use them. if we look so far we have evolved from chimp’s to fully...


My recent views on "life"

This site has alway been a great outlet for me to adventure and experience new thoughts and ideas from many of you guys and I thought it was only appropriate to share my ideas on this thing we call “life” as...


what's the point?

What drives you? What’s your motivation to get up each and every day what are your goals, dreams?


Who says were the sane ones?

Do you ever stop and question why insanity is an actual thing? I mean who are we as humans to label what is sane and what is not. Nowadays with all these new and upcoming mental disorders who is actually LEFT to be sane...


The sentence of your life.

So, we got all these fucking words. Well i guess technically they are not fucking, even thou we can all imagine me and you in a hot puddle of sweaty love… Ehrm.. maybe not all of us ! What my question is to you...


Stop Answering for the Sake of Proving Yourself

I see a lot of people everywhere jump on the opportunity to teach someone something, even if someone who knows more is readily available. I was sifting through a thread on High Existence today and saw something similar:...


Ever felt like your life is a lie?

I started having this thought/feeling last year, and it used to be so overwhelming that I would feel so scared and hopeless, to the point of being in a depression. What I mean by this is, do you ever feel like everything...


What is my stage name?

Ok so I have been trying to decide on what my stage name should be for a couple of months now. I am a 20 yr old rapper from Chattanooga TN, have lived in different parts of the world and my music has spiritual messages...


Dropping Out Of College??

HELP. Please anyone. I’m in need of the advice and opinions of people who do not know me personally. Recently, I’ve been overwhelmed by the feeling that I’m living my life wrong. I’m currently...


Question Sites

Anyone know any good sites for posting anonymous questions for discussions with people in the age range of 16 – 30 in the UK? Thanks


"I am who the people of your planet call Lucifer" Part 1

It was an evening like any other. I was locking up the lab as I always do, being the head supervisor I was always the last one to leave. It was mid November and things were beginning to cool off. There was a crisp chill...


time is irrelevant./?

seems like we spend so much time worrying about the fucking time. animals don’t worry about the time. we foster this fear in ourselves that time is running out and what the fuck are we gonna do? ohmygod im getting...


Are we creating more complex infinity's?

I read this the other day and wanted to see what my fellow HE’ers thought. It is about how every single moment we are each becoming more complex, and even though we share the same experience, each is completely...

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