1st HE meditation: how was it? :)

3 years, 1 month ago

I meditated using the mindfulness video by Jon Kabat-Zinn I had mentioned earlier. I was super excited before starting, and I was thnking how am I gonna calm my mind for this. just before starting I was wishing and imagining that we all meet up in some kind of astral projection way, or feel each other’s presence or sumthin like that, and I even remember thinking I’ll be sad that it didn’t happen.
So I started watching the video, I have watched it many times before to guide me through meditation. And at first I was uber excited and all smiles across the face, but soon I started paying attention to what he was saying. And when he asked to close our eyes and I did, I immediately started feeling light headed. My head felt like it was weightless and it actually swayed around a little on my shoulders. I was going according to what he was saying and feeling myself breathe, and feeling my heart beat against my ribcage. And, contrary to what I hoped for, I did not feel anyone else’s presence but mine. I did not feel sad about it, as I had feared… what I felt was that it did not matter if we were all meditating at the same time, it really didn’t matter because I felt time itself was an illusion, and we may not be existing at the same time at all. I think it was just an idea that popped up, cuz it didn’t make sense to me then or now.
i was thinking i will meditate on Universal love, but midway, there was this sudden thought that how my dream to change the world was indeed a most selfish one… and I realised that I have never had a fully selfless thought ever. and how the universal love i was supposed to be meditating on was one of my own selfish feelings. But I wasn’t disheartened to think this at all, it was like an objective observation more so.
Another interesting thing was that I kept having these visualisations ever since I closed my eyes. Kind of like dreaming because it was all so vivid. It was just landscapes. First it looked like a valley from up top of a rocky mountain in the night, with a star-strewn night sky, inky black. And then the next moment, the same valley but in the day… and it was like a helicopter shot – just gliding soundlessly, just the sight of the rocky jagged hills, no other sensations and feeling. These visuals did not last long, more like flashes, but I was curious to have them again, and I found that I could access the same images, without any change (as there would be if I were imagining them) back and forth.. and thats y I think they were more than just imagination.
All this, and the usual blabber and commentary that my mind does in the background :) .
The video is for 1 and a quarter hours, with the meditation session for around 40 minutes.
That was how it was for me. This was great. Loved it. How was it for all of you?!

February 29, 2012 at 1:23 pm

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Profile photo of Nikola Atanasovski Nikola Atanasovski (@nikola) 3 years, 1 month ago ago

I fell asleep 20 minutes prior to the beginning. I’m a failure :(
But are we all having another session today?

And btw you guys meditating I will blame the 2 inches of spontaneous snow that has appeared in Canada “overnight” on. When I was ready to meditate there wasn’t snow. When i woke up POW, 2 inches, and there’s still more.

Profile photo of Martijn Schirp Martijn Schirp A (@martijn) 3 years, 1 month ago ago

Great story vishnu :)

I had a great 1 hour session. I began a bit late because my girlfriend came home unexpected. I had a feeling that I knew I had before, but couldn’t remember exactly where and when. The feeling began to grow and at one point I was back in my youth in my old garden enjoying the sun, the smell and the singing of the birds. I haven’t had that care-less feeling for ages (can’t even remember) but it felt really good.

Im going to do some yoga right now, and would love to make this a daily thing.

Profile photo of West West (@west) 3 years, 1 month ago ago

Martijin, “Psychonaut” had a great suggestion in a discussion last night. He thought that a timer on HE that counted down to midnight and noon GMT for group meditations. I agree that this is a fantastic idea for HE 3.0.

Profile photo of daveb daveb (@daveb) 3 years, 1 month ago ago

even a few hours afterwards, my awareness is more spread out than usual, I’m more mindful in my day. probably related to the whole idea of being responsible (connected) to others or something. I was surprised that knowing others were meditating at the same time had such an effect and agree, I’d love to have some regularly scheduled HE meditation times.

Profile photo of stonedragon stonedragon (@stonedragon21) 3 years, 1 month ago ago

this morning when i read the post about leap year and the meditation session i was really excited and happy to join in.
so i was in the city when the time was there for the meditation. at one point i had parked and was waiting for my daughter for about 45 min. that was about 4 pm french time. i guess 10 am ny time.
i was parked next to a walled garden and i sat in the sun with my eyes closed and i could feel all the HEthens who were meditating today. and i also felt a really ancient vibe going way under the ground. then i went and walked around the corner and saw that the walled garden where i was parked was full of ancient stone colums and pillars and stones all piled up into huge walls of a house and all over grown. this town was an old roman city before and this place was habitated by romans before. i was picking up on that old old vibe and kept seeing vestal virgins. the temple of the romans is just down the street from this spot with a huge old tower. anyway my meditation was blissful and i dedicted it to all of you. and to all the people of the past who lived and walked on that spot. , that they may have great peace now where ever they are.
i like this linking of our minds. lets do it regularly. and share our results. i love to hear about how it went for each of you.
good job @vishnu. your landscapes sound like my lucid dream ones
.@ martijn, your garden could have been the garden of the romans. what time were you doing this?
@ Dave b it is true that if we do this collectively we can carry each others vibe really to open places. we wont need our computers soon!!

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