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2 years ago

Mankind’s dependence on fossil fuels may be one of his greatest blunders. I seek to aid our world in helping develop affordable and accessible renewable energy solutions. This could include adopting biological and chemical systems from nature, engineering, inventing, and whatever else may aide my journey.

My question to you fine folks is what education would help me to be a valuable man in these regards, while equipping me with the technical knowledge to succeed in these fields.

December 1, 2012 at 2:44 pm

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@ancientmystic, It depends what you want to go into, really.

Chemistry is always my first option for this, but often you can find the chemical side of things a bit… unsatisfying.

Electrical engineering/material science if you want to go into solar energy.

I would say you’d want to pick from these. It would be difficult to bridge yourself from plant biology into engineering, but not impossible. However, it would be much easier to invent something if you were inspired by biochemistry/biology with a background in electrical engineering or materials sciences.

I would definitely look into studying materials science and chemistry to start and branch off from there where you see fit.


@ijesuschrist, Great response, thank you!

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