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Michael Ryan Nicholson (@mrnicholson)    2 years, 5 months ago

I recently had a conversation with my girlfriend about furthering her education outside of the classroom. For instance, visting this website or ones like it, reading more non-fiction, even reading fiction. I feel bad forcing her into these things because she says she doesn’t have any intrest – I have no clue how to spark a desire to learn. Maybe I’m hitting on the wrong topics or maybe she is just destined to be a pre-school teacher who only cares about arts and crafts. Any advice on the subject would be appreciated.

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Avatar of Bryan Hellard
Bryan Hellard (@xyver)2 years, 5 months ago ago

Wrong topics. Everyone has their own passions, it’s hard to force them to emerge though.

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maricela (@maricela)2 years, 5 months ago ago

Still, there may be some topic that she could be interested in, but she’s just not willing to try it out. Perhaps you could play a role of a pre-school teacher and implement the ideas of some interesting topics in her everyday life. I kinda tried it out with my boyfriend. He never liked reading, but I kept telling him about the books I read, about some interesting science facts, etc-no pressure. He was willing to listen. Four years later he tells me that he would like to WRITE a book. He is doing the research at the moment. But even if nothing happens in the end, I am going to be satisfied, cause I managed to move him a bit (unless someone else did it for me..).