A Review Of A Bunch Of Rare Drugs

 Anonymous (@) 6 years ago

So, I have a ex chemist friend with a top gear lab setup in his basement, I give him weed, he gives me crazy drugs.

4-BR-3,5-DMA- Holy shit, this is a great anesthetic! I could have my arm cut off and be fine with it! No visuals and a clear mind, but no pain whatsoever, although light seemed much brighter than it was.

2-BR-4,5-MDA- A fucking super amphetamine, I feel like I’m four, I could stay up all night running and be fine!

2C-B- I am totally into my body. I am aware of every muscle and nerve in my body. The night is extraordinary–moon full. I’ve seen some of the richest visuals ever. I could stare at a blank wall and watch the cartoons being played on it.

3C-BZ- 24 hours. It was 24 hours of non-stop hallucinations, the sun never rose, at 11:00 on a clear day it was 100% dark outside, my house was floating through space. Sometimes the gravity became lighter or heaver. I felt good. It was impossible to think anything bad.

5,6-MeO-MIPT- One of the worst experiences I’ve ever had, I ate a capsule of this in my bed. Not half an hour later a man with fire coming out of his eyes and mouth burst through my room only to have his head explode, this drug produced anomaly in a normal space, such as scratch marks on walls, rooms with blood every where. I could not open my front door, I was trapped. Wolves bleeding profusely chased my under the covers in my bed, one ripped through the covers and bit my face off. I chased it into the basement to get it back. There I took a 4-(2-Fluoroethyl)-2,5-dimethoxy-A pill to knock me out for about 8 hours. When I came to I noticed that my face was scratched up with dry blood under my finger nails, my front door handle was smashed with one of my guitars, and there was a bloody hole in my covers (made by me). I hate this drug.

DOB- I just felt happy, a constant cool breeze was felt everywhere on my body, I tried to watch T.V. but found it bored me. I went out to meditate in the garden. I assumed the lotus position and somehow lost the world, no sound, when my eyes closed I was able to think clearly and perceptibly about my life. After about two hours of this I went inside and felt refreshed and motivated. About 3 hours later I felt mild nausea and stomach cramps, coming in 5 minuet waves, not unbearable, but annoying.

psi-2C-T-4- I feel really into what ever I’m doing, everything seems clean and sparkly like its on a T.V. infomercial, after about 25 minuets there was a sudden drop off then nothing.

DESOXY- A bright and colorful world, everything seemed like a cartoon scene from Yellow Submarine, no distortion of objects but major color changes. When I played a few guitar chords the music seemed to leap from the instrument. It lasted about twelve hours, I didn’t grow tired whatsoever, T.V. is simply amazing, its hard to take crime shows seriously when the characters look like cartoons.

5-MEO-DMT- I felt absolutely amazing, like an intensified DMT trip where you never leave Earth, but I smoked way to much, I felt my heart stopping and had to use my emergency epinephrine.

a-MT- Really fun, my motor functions got all fucked up, sometimes they would do the oppisite of what I wanted to do, like move backwards instead of forwards, sometimes the wrong side of my body would respond, and other times it would be like controlling a string puppet. Along with acid-like visuals makes for one wild night.

2-ME-DET- My thoughts became quite cloudy, increasingly so for several hours. And somehow slower than usual. Reading didn’t seem to connect, and I had to turn the radio off as it was lousy. Texture, not content. I could type OK, and did, so my body was OK, but things came to me slowly. I wasn’t very hungry but food tasted OK. The ‘cloudy’ was pretty much gone after six hours. I don’t particularly want to repeat this, there isn’t much here that I enjoy.

HARMINE- Like being drunk, so drunk that I couldn’t take a step without falling over, but no nausea or hangover, a few wavy hallucinations but for the most part just being drunk for two hours.

HARMALINE- Dizziness and a world made out of woven fabrics, fun but missing something, also heavy nausea throughout.

HARMALINE with an anti nausea compound and DMT- Amazing, these drugs compliment each other perfectly, I love the colors I see, although it seems to dissipate quicker than DMT by itself, this is amazing.

DMMDA-2- I saw skeletons and zombies in portals (windows, mirrors, televisions, e.t.c.), I felt like I was being hunted and that my Wife was in danger. I eventually pulled a painting off the wall (it was of a forest) and stared at it in a lotus position for a while. This calmed me down until it wore off about an hour later.

2C-T-7- Like a scary version of Ritalin, I feel as if somebody is going to kill me unless I do something productive.

CPM- It came on within five minuets of composition, I could see movement in the air, radio waves, the molecules, sound, T.V. was interesting, everything could only been seen by focusing on layers, the object a character was holding, the character, the background. After 18 hours all effects had dissipated.

2C-SE- I was on a trip to Chicago when I took this. This smelled awful, no taste but it burned my tongue, I drank some out of a water bottle before entering the museum of science and industry. I was able to retain the facts amazingly, and EVERYTHING was interesting, I read facts off little podiums and screamed “OH MY GOD NO WAY!”, I read the instructions on how to change diapers in one of the bathrooms and screamed “HOLY SHIT NO WAY” asking a teenager to “CHECK THIS OUT”, I also vaguely remember licking the glass in front of a plate of fake food to see if I could taste it. I spent about half an hour playing with the wave simulator. Museums are so fun when you’re high. If I had taken this and tried to watch T.V. it would have been INCREDIBLY boring.

2C-T- Imagine being on a roller-coaster for 8 hours, also you’re in wonderland, on shrooms, and acid, this is what 2C-T is like, so much fun, my wife set up a strobe light, amazing, in a word.

DOI- Fucking crazy, time went incredibly fast, it took me four hours to make a sandwich in the kitchen but it felt like ten minuets, there was no real visual hallucinations, but when my eyes were closed I saw amazing, DMT worthy things, T.V. was impossible to comprehend, just a blur of colors. Sleeping was impossible, but, I enjoyed listening to orchestral music and staring at the T.V. colors. Lasted about 30 hours.

META-DOB- All I wanted to do was talk, me and my wife both took it and ended up talking about the strangest of things for 5 hours, I thoroughly enjoyed it. This was on 25 mgs. The hangover was like god taking a dump on my soul though.

META-DOB and LSD- I wanted to talk for hours on end while experiencing the normal LSD hallucinations. Very fun. The hangover remained.

MDBZ- Strangely similar to shrooms. But with one interesting difference, I could not help but say every single one of my thoughts out loud. Whether it be “Pringles are awesome” or “My dick itches”, I would say it out loud. After 4 hours it dissipated. The only downside was my jaw hurting from constantly talking for 4 hours.

MDIP- A very strange drug. I took it, then nothing for 8 hours, I gave up, then the next morning, I saw my wife, her face melted, and a clown came out of our closet and stabbed her repeatability, then he licked his knife and cut his own throat. Having seen this I passed out. When I came to it was about 4 pm and my wife was watching T.V. next to me. I asked her what happened this morning. She said “You were acting weird, you went into my sewing box, stabbed me lightly with a needle and went to bed, no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t wake you, then you woak up around 1 and got a glass of water, said “THIS IS NO CLOWN” and passed out again” I still have no idea how fucked up this drug can get. This scares me more than any bad trip ever could.

METHYL-K- I felt really wound up, and couldn’t get to sleep until 3 AM.

MMDA-3b- Like MDMA but with more visual hallucinations.

ORTHO-DOT- Another strange drug, I felt as if I couldn’t do anything, I would be sitting watching T.V., then I would want a glass of water, as I was pouring it I would suddenly reappear in my chair, when I tried to go to the bathroom, I might have made it half way, then reappeared in my chair. After about 3 hours of this the effects wore off. I went into my kitchen to find 5 unfinished sandwiches and 4 full glasses of water. It really is a strange drug.

BOHD- Man, its like my mind exploded all over my carpet. I am thinking so many thoughts at once its hard to comprehend them. No major visuals, but the world got dark because I put on sunglasses without realizing it.

B- Like screens being put over a tv. I would see the world with all the colors negative, then everything would be orange, then black and white. It lasted approximately 8 hours but I fell asleep around 6 hours.

ASB- The entire session was, in a sort of way, like being in a corridor outside the lighted halls where a beautiful mescaline experience is taking place, sensing the light from behind a grey door, and not being able to find my way in from the dusky underside passageways. This is sort of a gentle sister of mescaline, but with a tendency to emphasize (for me, at this time) the negative, the sad, the struggling. Sleep was impossible before the fifteenth hour. When I tried, I got visions of moonlight in the desert, with figures around me which were the vampire-werewolf aspect of the soul, green colored and evil. I had to sit quietly in the living room and wait patiently until they settled back to wherever they belonged and stopped trying to take over the scene. During the peak of the experience, my pulse was thready, somewhat slowed, and uneven. There was a faint feeling of physical weirdness.

BOD- I had to use an eye dropper for this one because of how bad it tasted. It was like a conscious DMT trip, like having your eyes glued to a moving screen. I could move and feel around the room I was in, but couldn’t see it. I wonder if a blind person could use this to see colors…

BOM- I smoked the crystals of this, within five minuets I felt as if somebody had pushed me onto the bed. I was paralyzed there for about a minuet before I was plunged into a world of white, I felt as if I had lost my body, a body of black paint was drawn before my eyes, it was slightly crude, almost like a Pablo Piccaso, but more coherent. I began to run through this white space, each step I took made another drawing appear, tall, twisted buildings, large bushes, but no other people, I tried to open a buildings door and the whole thing fell over, like an old timey Hollywood set. I heard a chattering sound and suddenly the whole world was painted in a dull water color, with a yellow background and many different shades of buildings. I began floating up and I came out of the trip unexpectedly fast, and I had somehow moved from my bed to my couch.

PROPYNYL- Another strange one. I ate 8 25 mg pills, then after about an hour, I still felt no effects. Then, while I was watching an episode of the Simpsons, I noticed Bart was talking slower. Then an episode of the worlds highest speed chases, by the end of the show, the cars seemed to be going 5mph. After a while time was going so slow I felt like I could see the images on the T.V. before the sound hit me, then for about five minutes, time stopped, just, stopped, I could think, and I was seriously afraid that I would be trapped in the time stop forever. Then time slowly started again and within three hours everything was normal again.

3-TASB- This is strange, my whole house filled up with water. Then the water turned green and I saw all kinds of fish, the people on T.V. were fish, and the water began to change colors like a disco. Very fun. Lasted two hours.

3-TE- I saw a giant bunny rabbit sitting on the couch next to me. Blood began seeping from the walls, so I left the house, it was about 9 PM, the sky was black streaked with orange, the trees seemed dead, black and twisted, any people looked like grim reapers looking down, the side walk was black and twisted, horrible beast ran through the street, moving so fast I never saw their faces. I eventually stumbled into my house an hour later and slept it off.

TOMSO- I walked up my street and saw completely bizarre faces on all the people. I was absolutely unable to estimate the age of anybody who was female, at least by looking at her face. All aspects, both child-like and old, seemed to be amalgamated into each face, all at the same time. There was remarkable time-slowing; overall the experience was favorable.

TRIS- I saw acid like hallucinations and a general hazy feeling, but, it made me starving, I didn’t get the munchies, I experienced a full on hunger attack, I threw up twice from over eating and just kept eating, no fun.

4-T-TRIS- My whole body was extremely sensitive to pain and pleasure, we’ll leave it at that.

ARIADNE- It knocked me out, I woak up 12 hours later.

ETH-LAD – In about an hour or so, gentle movements of the house plants were noted. The walkway of the painting above the fireplace changed as if the sunny spots were moving ahead. The visual aspects became more LSD-like after a couple more hours, though in a very gentle way. The spider windowpane looked three-dimensional: at first I thought the windows were double-paned, but they were not. Stones, rocks and glass had a magical look to them, but tree bark looked like tree bark. Occasionally, a dark streak (spot) would go through the visual field and a page of a book would move sharply without effort. These aspects were very pleasant to me. Thinking easy. Concepts easy to follow through. Mind and feelings together as should be.

2C-G-3- I ingested four 25 mg pills of this. For two hours nothing happened whatsoever, then, as I got up to go to the bathroom, I felt a little dizzy. I looked in my mirror, and I saw a bright space behind me, another world. Then I flew through the mirror, going around space, landing on a planet that looked like my living room, and there I was, in my living room, the carpet started changing colors, everything seemed more real, a painting of a forest and a river became larger and larger until it towered over me, the river started moving, birds in a tree started chirping. And I was a baby, floating down stream. I fell asleep here, waking up in my bed. The walls breathed for half an hour then nothing.

2C-G-N- I smoked a crystal that was maybe 35 mg’s. For a while I felt normal, but that I was expecting something, anything. Then, about three hours later I felt a wooshing sound, like I was falling. Then, a huge stream of consciousness hit me, I felt like all the knowledge in the world bitch slapped me so hard it sent me flying backwards. Then, gone, like a balloon popping. And it was over. Just like that.

ALEPH-7- 200 mg’s, that was more than triple the suggested dose. That was more than I should have ever done. It came on slowly, so slow I almost didn’t realize I ascending out of my couch in a beam of light. I was soaring among the clouds, having a great time. But a voice came to me, its funny, it came directly from my left shoulder, it sounded like a friendly old woman, saying “You know this isn’t right, the world is suffering below you”. So I flew down and saw a charred earth, like Halloween town without the Halloween. I saw that I was in wonderland. The Cheshire cat was being forced to turn a wheel that moved an elaborate machine that turned around and whipped him. I flew through it full force, destroying it. The cat said nothing, and left with only his smile radiating behind him. I flew to the castle, the queen had died, so had the jabberwocky, I knew this, somehow. I wondered to myself who had been doing these evils I had seen in wonderland. So I walked inside the castle. I found a torch in an old court room, I was walking through these decrepit halls, they looked like they had been abandoned for century’s. The only inhabitant I had seen so far was the Cheshire cat, and he had long faded out of existence. I saw a dim light coming from under a door. Inside I saw ramblings all over the walls, there were nice things and horrible things written everywhere. I looked behind a bed. Two skeletons. One had a green striped hat on. The other, a blue dress, then slowly the skull turned, looked at me, and smiled, then wonderland was gone, the smile was the only thing in this dark dimension, it grew bigger and bigger until I saw a small hole in a tooth, the smile grew so big that I walked in that hole, and I kept walking down this tunnel, seeing a bright light. I had been here before. I heard my guardian speak, “Go back, I barely got you out last time, if you continue walking this way, you’ll never be able to go back”. I felt the hole sucking me in, I began walking backward, but something was pulling me down the tunnel. My guardian said “RUN, RUN, YOU’LL BE TRAPPED HERE FOREVER”, I ran back the way I came, each step becoming harder and harder to lift. I made it to the entrance of the tunnel, which was now floating. I felt that something was coming for me, something in the darkness. I jumped. I didn’t fall, but I floated, gently down, through my house roof, gently down back on my couch. And there I was, fully sober.

MBT- I took this right before I boarded an airplane, my connection informed me that it took a very long time to kick in. I took 3 50 mg pills. After getting through customs and security and buying some munchies, I boarded the plane. I found out I was being bumped to first class, which was pretty cool. Next to me was an old hippy who informed me he was on acid, and that he might give me a hug. We talked, his acid hit him hard and he was silent, watching a movie on his personal screen planes these days have. My drugs hit me a little bit later. I was looking out the window, it was about 9:30 at night, but the sun was coming up and going down. The clouds seemed to change colors and swirl all about me, becoming shapes like animals and moving. I didn’t want to watch anything on the little screen, just to stare out the window and look at the clouds.

LOPHOPHINE- This was another strange one, I felt myself sinking into my couch only two minuets after drinking 100 mg’s, this was strange by itself, but soon my television started shrinking. I grew bigger, like I was in a box, only that box was my room. I couldn’t judge the size of anything. For about 4 hours everything in my house was wildly fluctuating. Pretty damn fun.

F-22- I smoked 50 mg’s in the basement, as I climbed my normally straight staircase, it seemed to twist and turn, I climbed it endlessly, seeing various paintings and creatures, different colored carpets and wooden paneling, I made it to the top of this stair case after what seemed to be hours of climbing. I went to the living room and turned on the T.V. it seemed to be really loud without making any noise, if that makes sense, all in all the experience was favorable.

May 10, 2012 at 2:25 pm
Anonymous (481) (@) 6 years ago ago

@adamsmith, Well, Ritalin makes you focused, but this felt like I had to stay focused on something or I’d die or something bad would happen, I ended up repainting my basement door, buying a bunch of shit at home depot and installing it around my house, but it was scary.

Anonymous (481) (@) 6 years ago ago

1) Do you trip only for tripping or do you sometimes have ulterior goals? (like the ritalin one for being productive, or just in general – spirituality/creativity etc?).
2) You have to admit, you trip a lot. Do you think there will come a point where you quit/don’t need it anymore?
3) Do you meditate? Why (not)?
4) What is your wife’s view on your adventures?
5) Where are you from?

1) No, I never use drugs to be productive, the Ritalin one gave me some of the worse paranoia I’ve ever had.
2) I’ll never quit, I think that tripping has made me the person I am today, every time I trip, I feel a little closer to life, you know?
3) Yes, I’m almost always high on pot, but I do it on psychedelics too.
4) She trips with me, but she is usually off somewhere, so I usually have the house to myself, when she comes home and I’m tripping, she just goes off into another room, same for me to her.
5) California.

Anonymous (2,653) (@) 6 years ago ago

@thomaschong, You’re quite the stoner. I cannot congratulate you for that. But congratulations for being an absorbing story-teller.

Jordan Lejuwaan (23,417)A (@jordan) 6 years ago ago

@thomaschong, just in case you missed my questions on page 1 and because I want to know your answers that badly:

What’s your absolute favorite drug so far? I’d love to know and to try it.

Also what has your experience been like with Ketamine? I’ve heard other psychonauts say they’ve gone ‘further’ with K than with anything else, even DMT.

Lastly, ever tried a ton of Nitrous with LSD or other psychedelics? Ever heard the story about the guy that built a spaceship in his house over years while doing that?

Anonymous (481) (@) 6 years ago ago

1)What’s your absolute favorite drug so far? I’d love to know and to try it.

2) Also what has your experience been like with Ketamine? I’ve heard other psychonauts say they’ve gone ‘further’ with K than with anything else, even DMT.

3) Lastly, ever tried a ton of Nitrous with LSD or other psychedelics? Ever heard the story about the guy that built a spaceship in his house over years while doing that?

1) Weed, I do it every day and haven’t had a break in years, but other than that, DMT, its an amazing experience.

2) I’ve done a lot of things I’m not proud of, I’ve done crack, meth, opium, and a bunch of other nasties, but only once, never more than once, I hate them, all of them, K does not help you go further, what it does is force the hallucinogenics down your throat, you would go further on a high dose of shrooms than you would on K, in my experience, its the worse hallucinogen.

3) Yes, I don’t really like nitrous, simply becuase it gives me a massive hangover, but I once took 12 hits of acid, and my friend had four nitrous balloons, whenever I inhaled I saw an explosion and got huge firework visuals, but they left quickly, you could get the same effect by mixing 2C-B and mescline.

Anonymous (481) (@) 6 years ago ago

@jordan, Since you’re curious about these things, check this out http://www.highexistence.com/topic/50-hits-of-acid-the-whole-crazy-affair/
I did 50 hits of acid once, it was an experience to say the least.

Gibs (5) (@gibs) 6 years ago ago

Incredible piece! 2-CB is far out my favourite drug, the rest of the list i’m not really familiair with. Although some really look like worth trying!

Did you do the 2CB in pills or did you snort the powder?

I first started with pill-form, but soon came in contact with the powder and this blows your mind! (consider only doin just a little little little bit at first because it can come in quit heavy). At first when I came in contact i considered 2CB being in between of MDMA and LSD, where you can switch in feeling happy and talk honestly without visuals, to (if you want to); completely have controlled visuals as far as you want to go like LSD.
A month ago I actually found out this is not the case and I tripped really heavy, in a mechanic acid kinda style, and listened to all the Pink Floyd albums in a row and switching in different stages of communicating with my friend while seeing all his different ‘ faces of life’ . (BTW: snorting 2CB hurts like hell the first 10 minutes, but after this it is definitly worth it).

Ketamine i really dont like. Snorted it a few times but was more tranquilised / felt heavy drunk ( At animalvets they use it to tranquilize horses). I see a lot of people totally fuckin up their lives in the party scene here. (although I did read a dutch book which said that if you inject ketamin right in the vains you really can get a mindblowing experience where your body seperates from the mind. but im not really planning on goin needle style).

Nic (60) (@ltwild3) 6 years ago ago

@thomaschong, Have you ever gone to Peru to experience the Ayahuasca Ceremonies?

Anonymous (481) (@) 6 years ago ago

@ltwild3, Yes, it was, enlightening, it was a different kind of trip, I threw up for hours, then I realized that the hut I was in seemed darker, and, then, madness.

M.Johnson (18) (@moozy) 6 years ago ago

@thomaschong, I still want to read your whole journal, man. You need to get that into a PDF for all to enjoy. I’d pay to read a published version of personal reviews and synopsis.

Anonymous (2,833) (@) 6 years ago ago

Definitely will read this more in depth.

Please request him to make NBO-Me derivatives. They are… the “future” of drugs ;)

Also I am going to send you a message.

Anonymous (31) (@) 6 years ago ago


you are an awesome poster. thank you for sharing these amazing reports. i’ve always wanted to try psychedelics. I’ve tried salvia and had a bad trip.

ultimately i want to try DMT but i want to work my way up.
i want to try shrooms but i’m thinking of building my meditation skills and trying isolation tanks first. would you recommend shrooms or 2C-B first? 2C-B sounds great

Anonymous (481) (@) 6 years ago ago

@jameslancaster, 2C-B, then shrooms

James (100) (@ilooklikeawaterbottle) 6 years ago ago

@thomaschong, i would love to go to a music festival with you sir

Gabriel (2) (@gabrielong1992) 6 years ago ago

@thomaschong, Thomas Chong from Cheech and chong!??!!?

Anonymous (2,653) (@) 6 years ago ago

I think I’ll save this thread for potential different experiencing of life. But I have to get rich first. I don’t want to fuck up my life yet. :D

Matt (37) (@eruptionwarranty) 6 years ago ago

I’d like to preface my comment by saying that I have experience in the field of psychoactive substances, and consider myself fairly knowledgeable in that particular field. However, the amount of drugs you have appeared to do makes me look a fourth grader. So as a seemingly-advanced-but-actually-not-compared-to-people-such-as-yourself type of person, I have one question for you off the top of my head, and that is this:

Has there ever been a time in your life when you stopped to question your drug use?

I only ask because I consider myself someone that enjoys experimenting and experiencing, but often find myself questioning my use, especially now. But I’ve only done a fourth of the drugs you have, and so I’m wondering what your thoughts on the matter are. Thanks for any insight you can give!

Anonymous (481) (@) 5 years, 5 months ago ago

@eruptionwarranty, Sorry it almost took a year to get back to you, and no, I think that if there was any reason to stop, I would, but I also think that they have really helped me live a successful life. My life is doing great, drug use just seems to work for me.

Shelly (29) (@shellyjeangreen) 5 years, 4 months ago ago

@eruptionwarranty, it’s all about your personal relationship with them! Everyone has different addictions, reactions, experiences, etc.; so it’s important to monitor yourself and find out what works best for YOU.

Hope that helps :)

darryl (14) (@darryl) 5 years, 4 months ago ago

@thomaschong, Wicked!!

linnea (72) (@linnea) 5 years, 4 months ago ago

@thomaschong, I could read about your drug experiences for hours. Makes me wana try some of them *-* Ohgad. I’ve never had my consciousness break the laws of physics for me. Kind of makes you wonder if time and space are all an illusion of the mind…

linnea (72) (@linnea) 5 years, 4 months ago ago

@thomaschong, Also, your wife sounds awesome.

Muhammed (31) (@mehdi756) 5 years, 4 months ago ago

@thomaschong, so glad this thread resurfaced,

Rob (75) (@facets) 5 years, 4 months ago ago

Has anyone had any experience with this website?: http://www.isomerism.org/search?tag=Hallucinogens

Anonymous (481) (@) 5 years, 4 months ago ago

@mehdi756, Haha, no problem man, but some of these aren’t that hard to find.

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