A way to help cut down on drinking

2 years ago

Hey guys, just wanted to share a way I came up with to help cut down on drinking. I’m not an alcoholic, but after a pretty heavy year of partying I realised that I was tired of weekends being written off because I was too hungover to function.

If you want some perspective, a good way is to get a calendar and hang it up in your room. Every day you’re hungover, get a black marker and fill the entire day/block in black. As time goes by and those black blocks fill up however many of the 365 options, it might give you some perspective on just how much time has been wasted (or it might make some other people realise they don’t go out enough :P hehe)

Nothing wrong with getting wasted once in a while or having a few too many over dinner, but sometimes it’s pretty easy to get swept up in the moment and wonder where the hell the last 12 months have gone.. or maybe that’s just me :)

11.16.2012 at 7:07 am

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Nope, not just you.

I’ve just gone off it gradually and I guess I smoke a bit more now that I drink less. When I do go out I binge drink, though. Not every time but enough that it is a concern. I think I have that ‘fear of an empty glass’ when I’m in nightclubs. I can chill in a bar all night and not get shitfaced but clubs make it feel necessary.

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@misterkal, Yeah I can understand that. Luckily for me I have no interest in clubs these days, but even “a couple of beers” at the pub would somehow end up with me waking up in someone elses bed with cotton mouth and my head thumping.

Getting drunk once in a while is awesome fun! But then I kind of had to step back and realise I was telling myself that line every single time someone invited me out for a drink (or when I invited someone after giving up on having a quiet night in).

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