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Hey folks,

My name is Cherish and I am a Sophomore in College. I’m incredibly involved in an organization known as AIESEC. It’s the world’s largest, international, student-run organization that was created after WWII to eradicated culture misunderstandings and create the peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential. AIESEC sends young people on exchange in over 111 countries to work on internships.
Thanks to AIESEC, I got to experience life outside of the US for 4 brief days in Mexico City for my first International conference. However, I am eager to actually get the chance to live and experience life in a new country and culture.

This summer, I want to go on an internship through AIESEC. I am pretty open to where I could go, but I would really love to go to Brazil where I can practice Portuguese and work for an NGO in the Sustainability industry.

I’m trying to find ways to raise money in order to go on this internship. There is no other way that I could go.
There is a fee for AIESEC of $500
The flight is about $1500
Additional expenses would range from $1000-$2000.

Do any of you have ideas to raise money? I was thinking of launching some sort of social media campaign, but all of the websites like and paypal have really high fees for exchanging money.


January 17, 2012 at 5:27 pm

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Profile photo of Lizzie Lizzie (@nymzie) 3 years ago ago

Omg that organization seems so cool! I love experiencing other countries :)

For fundraising.. do you have a job? If not try to get one! :D Haha thats the best way to get money.

If you had a job last year and you live in the US, it is TAX RETURN TIME!!!! BEST time of the year! You know all that money the government took out of your paychecks all year? You get that all back :) Or most of it. And! Last year the government gave out tons of money to people *just* for being students. It was so magical. I don’t know if they’re doing that again this year, but I really hope they are!

Profile photo of Cherry Cherry (@cherish1631) 3 years ago ago

I actually have two jobs. And the money I get on my tax return I will use to pay off credit card debt I have accumulated.

Profile photo of  Anonymous (@) 3 years ago ago

Well, you will definitely need to come up with $$$ for the expenses part, but you should solicit some local businesses to see if they will sponsor your flight or your AIESEC fees, or any part of them.

Write up a 10-12 page report (formal) that talks about the sustainability issues facing Brazil (and other countries), how things are changing, how NGOs are helping, why you want to help and learn, etc. and see if you can’t get some funding from local business.

I would make a website/blog too, and tell them you will be blogging about your time away, and also leading up to the trip, and that you will display their logo and thank them for their patronage on the website.

There is one idea for you. You only have to make the report once and then you can submit it to as many places as you like. They may require confirmation that you have been accepted in to the program though, and that you have a placement lined up for sure lol. There are fraudsters out there too, unfortunately, so don’t take it as a negative if someone asks for proof ;-)

Profile photo of Luis Benini Luis Benini (@luisbenini) 3 years ago ago

Hey Cherish!

I’m an AIESEC Member working at the committee located in Brasília, Brazil. I would love to help you with any kind of information you need.

Profile photo of Cherry Cherry (@cherish1631) 3 years ago ago

No way! I was also considering any CEED opportunities in Brazil, do you know of any? Also, how are the LCs like with trainees? Gah, so many questions. So glad I found you on here! I wonder if there are more AIESECers on this site…

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