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R (@Fleshbeck)    1 year ago

So the last few days I’ve been doing research on this nootropic called “Alpha Brain”.
It’s by Onnit Labs, and it’s supposed to give you clear thoughts, focus, creativity and lucid dreams.
I couldn’t find any severe side effects of this product… and although the statements made on Onnit’s website weren’t evaluated by the FDA, everything seems to be true. But, who knows?

Any thoughs? Has anyone tried it and has something to say?
Anything (positive/negative) is highly appreciated.

Ps. I have a few good video and text reviews of the product on a .docx document, if anyone wants it I can send you a copy.

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ellen (@sablewinters)1 year ago ago

I would love to see the video and text reviews if you’re willing.

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Rich Reis (@richreis15)1 year ago ago

me too

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R (@Fleshbeck)1 year ago ago

Here you go :)
(I won’t post a download link for the document because there is no point, I’ll paste the text here instead)

Alpha Brain is a Nootropic invented by Aubrey Marcus and made by Onnit Labs.

“Nootropics are by definition cognitive enhancers, but a cognitive enhancer is not necessarily a nootropic.
Cognitive enhancers are drugs, supplements, nutraceuticals, and functional foods that enhance attentional control and memory.
Nootropics are cognitive enhancers that are NEUROPROTECTIVE or EXTREMELY NONTOXIC.”

“Are there any Alpha Brain side effects that you can expect when using this nootropic? In order for a supplement to be classified as a nootropic, it must exhibit extremely low potential for side effects and toxicity in human consumption. In general, taking Alpha Brain is considered to be just as safe as consuming salt.”

✘ Onnit Labs – Alpha Brain

✘ Aubrey Marcus, the inventor of Alpha Brain, talking about the product:



❖ Does Alpha Brain work? My personal review on this Nootropic (PWN Fitness)

❖ Is Alpha Brain dangerous? (PWN Fitness)

❖ Alpha Brain Ingredients: Does this supplement work? (Nootropic Reviews)

❖ A review of Alpha Brain supplement (Gentlemens University)



❖ Neurosurgeon Dr. Martin Lazar talking about Alpha Brain

❖ Alpha Brain Review/Overview*

❖ Alpha Brain by Onnit Labs – 30 Days Later (Review)

❖ Review of Alpha Brain by Onnit*

* = Very good IMO

Thoughts welcome :)

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Jesper (@Zachrie)12 months ago ago

I’ve used Alpha Brain loads of times. Its not anything mind blowing of course but It does feel like it makes it easier to manage your thoughts and express them. It makes you clearer. Very good for group conversations and such. Im pretty sure Joe Rogan mentioned in his podcast that they made tests showing that its not placebo. Not sure if they posted the results of that yet though.

And gosh yes, it will make you have amazing crazy lucid dreams if you take it prior to sleep.

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Are the plants from which the ingredients are extracted organic?
I looked on the website but couldn’t find it explicitly stated, whereas other products-such as the killer bee honey-do, which leads me to assume (hopefully making an ass out of myself in the process) that they are not.

Does Aubrey Marcus take them himself?

Avatar of Sean
Sean (@season)12 months ago ago

Just grow the fuck up and try it. Every product is different.

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Oh. Of course! You’ll have to excuse me — I forgot it was a sign of maturity to blindly ingest artificial drugs that sound cool.

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Michael Holt (@MrTerrific)12 months ago ago

@Shalalanovala, i would suggest that you post your question on their facebook wall, that should help

Avatar of R
R (@Fleshbeck)12 months ago ago


The guy in one of the reviews says the ingredients are all natural… But who knows?

I think I’ll give this product a try.

Avatar of Shalalanovala

@fleshbeck, Natural has a terrifyingly loose definition in the food industry, it by no means is an indication of whether or not something is healthy much less safe. But let me know how your experimentation goes :-).

Chodebalm touches upon it in the above article on the website :}.

@mrterrific, I don’t have a Facebook but I’ll look to see if they have a public e-mail but if anything I’ll just call them.

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Shalalanovala (@Shalalanovala)11 months, 3 weeks ago ago

Just an update, it is non-gmo, including the ingredient sourced from soy. I overlooked it on the website but found that while it does not say organic, it does say non-gmo and I called to confirm.