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PDC (@chemicalspike)    3 years ago

This is absolutely using HE for self promotion but mainly because I’ve had a deep desire to create a site since about the same time as I hit HE. This place has been an absolute inspiration to me and helped create the motivation to solidify the purpose and message of the site.

This is the message and I’d like opinions on that message, is it crafted right, does it convey the right ideas and most of all do you like the idea?!?

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Syn.Ther. (@luna)3 years ago ago

I will get back to you on this.

Have to move now but interesting;)

Have great day all


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Iuvenesco (@iuvenesco)3 years ago ago

A terabyte is 1000 times a gigabyte.

Or more specifically 1024 times a gigabyte.