An Idea That Could do Well in a World Lacking It

2 years, 3 months ago


I have been a long time follow of the site, but have never posted. I’m assuming for all those who follow this page, you can see that there is something amiss in this world. There is crazy inequality of wealth and the benefits resulting from wealth. Pretty much all of us think what we could do to change something but often don’t follow through. One day I decided I was going to give an attempt to making a positive change in the world by entering this contest that was advertised. The contest’s main theme is methods to benefit communities, I entered the idea and now I have to generate interest. I feel somewhat guilty posting here because to me it seems like advertising but social media can be used to generate interests in good causes.

I am really tired of sitting around and reading the news, hearing how awful the world is, how we have no sense of world citizenship, and how billions and billions of dollars are used to further some of the most useless and non beneficial causes.

Please check out the link while you’re just screwing around on the internet, you can help me and hopefully that can turn into help for thousands.

Please vote of post your comments. This could turn into something fantastic for the people of earth who having the toughest times.

I believe these little tidbits do my cause justice

“Combat every problem with information, creativity, and a good cause”

“We need a sense a global citizenship more than we need a one world government”

“Morally proper business is the thing that can either unite or divide us, who wants to stand divided?”

October 25, 2012 at 10:53 pm

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Profile photo of SBas SBas (@sabas4) 2 years, 3 months ago ago

@zpeialel, Nice idea my friend. I voted. All the best with it!

Profile photo of Ray Butler Ray Butler M (@trek79) 2 years, 3 months ago ago

I don’t like the idea of risk in a fluctuating market, but I do like the idea of a term deposit. If you have a charity, every cent people donate could go into a term deposit, the interest made could be used for social projects while the original money keeps going back into term deposit.
A term deposit usually returns about 5% over a 6 month period and as people continue to donate a monthly charity, this goes into more term deposits and when situations arise, you can unite the funds into one larger term depository. (chances are you will have multiple term deposits running simultaneously because it is a waste of time to wait 6 months to unite them all, especially considering you recieve monthly donations)
Eventually you have millions of dollars returning 5% every month but that only increases, perhaps one day hitting the billions, and 5% of a billion is $50 million. If you have 6 term deposits, you will have $50 mil per month to use on social programs and zero risk. Sure, it is not 12-14% return but it is guaranteed and safe.

Profile photo of Brendan Barstow Brendan Barstow C (@eyesopen) 2 years, 3 months ago ago

@trek79, Sound financial advice my man. I love diversity in the members of this site, some are dreamers with the grand lofty ambitions and others like yourself have the practical knowledge to help accomplish the ideas!

Profile photo of Ray Butler Ray Butler M (@trek79) 2 years, 3 months ago ago

@eyesopen, Yes, to clarify, every month when the donations come in you would put it into a term deposit, and as they go for 6 months you cannot add or take from that term deposit until the term has finished.
As I said, donations come in monthly so you would have 6 term deposits running, as the donations come in a term deposit period would end and you take the 5% and put the original money back into a term deposit, with the monthly donations on top. The 5% is just the cream that you can scrape off the top, all the original donations are constantly building and are never spent.
So you get $100 per month (for example) the first $100 goes into term deposit, next month the same, for 6 months. Then the first term deposit ends and you get your $100 back and the 5% interest also, so now you have $105, but then that months donation comes in so now you have $205, you take the $5 and do what you want with it but put the $200 into another term deposit.
A month later you do the same with the second term deposit. Then that $200 term ends and you get a $10 return, so you have $210, but then the monthly donation comes in, so you have $310, do what you want with the $10 but put the $300 into a new term deposit. (you see the idea)
But that is with the idea that you have a set ammount of charity coming in, only $100 per month, but in reality; more people will sign up and this will increase. As you have 6 term deposits working for you, one for each month that the standard 6 month term deposit goes for, if you have $1 million in each you will have 5% cream which is $50k to play with each month.
The idea of $50mil per month is if you have a $billion in each of the 6 term deposits, so $6billion all up. There is a very long way to go before you get that much working for you, but if it trends as an idea and mass ammounts of people get on board for a monthly donation then it could be an amazing social movement, and nothing political about it, it’s all about using the shitty system we have to work with.

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