Are there many teenagers on this site?

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I’m 17, and just wanted to know how many other teenagers we have on here. Also, if you’re not, what’s you opinion on them? Anything you regret doing while you were still one?

November 16, 2011 at 3:40 pm
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Sam Frens (39) (@sfrens) 4 years ago ago

I’m 19. Still technically a teenager. And I don’t regret any of the decisions I’ve made. But there are some that I am happier that I made than others.

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conglistedsoldier (18) (@mumbojumbo63) 4 years ago ago

18. I don’t regret anything I’ve ever done. I do regret things that I haven’t done.

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Ellie (1,212)M (@tangledupinplaid21) 4 years ago ago

There are lots of teenagers on here. I am 22, and used to kinda stereotype high school aged people as immature, because often times they are… Then I found High Existence and got impressed by multiple. I am not much of a regreter but I wish my younger self could have realized that people are nothing to fear. Oh well, I realized it eventually anyway :)

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conglistedsoldier (18) (@mumbojumbo63) 4 years ago ago

(not doing) things that I haven’t done…

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Anonymous (6) (@) 4 years ago ago

I’m 18. I regret nothing. Everything happens for a purpose.
If I didn’t make the choices I had made in the past or go through certain situations, then I wouldn’t be the same person as I am now. I’m not perfect, hell no, I’m far from it, but I’m on a HighExistence conversation and not an mtv forum.

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conglistedsoldier (18) (@mumbojumbo63) 4 years ago ago

I like having a lot of teenagers on this site that actually care about our world. We are the future!

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Alex (547) (@hollowinfinity) 4 years ago ago

Freshly 21

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EEL (5,336) (@mindlessfreak30) 4 years ago ago

21 I was always mature when I was younger though. In middle school I was hanging out with the older high school kids and some thought I was their age if not older. I don’t regret much really just I wish I appreciated my childhood a little more being an adult is definitely a little more of a hassle than the care free days of being a child.

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Shayna Kowalczyk (0) (@dancer) 4 years ago ago

I’m 13… I guess that although I am technically a teenager, I still have all the teenage years to get through in which to make plenty of mistakes to later regret. Well, the last year of my life was one big mistake, but I glad it happened, because otherwise I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

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stonedragon (141) (@stonedragon21) 4 years ago ago

hey you guys know i m a teenage hippie at heart. it doesnt matter what age we are, it is just a question of being humans on this planet, and we dont know why we are here!!!
and we are all asking that question. and we can learn from each other
. it is great for me to learn from all of your experiences, and just cuz im older doesnt mean that i think im wiser. life is full of one experience after the other, it is a question of learning to deal with it all. and then you can look back and see how it went and how to heal it.

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St Emilion (2,920) (@manimal) 4 years ago ago

In my dreams I’m still 16. I miss the teenage years.

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Claire Sinclair (0) (@madness) 4 years ago ago

17 and in my senior year of high school. Most people thought I was a senior last year, but when I told them otherwise they looked at me like ‘WHAAAA?!’ And that was awkward. Oh, this is a bit off topic, but I find myself thinking up arguments as to why teenagers aren’t bad- and then I see a person my age do something so irreconcilably stupid that I stop and think “Wait- these are teenagers. And sadly, the idiots seem to outnumber the ones of us who care.” And then I start thinking about something else. Anyway! O_O Don’t kill me. I ramble.

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christina (0) (@fuckingpure) 4 years ago ago

i am 20 and not a teenager (my parents are constantly reminding me of this), but i still feel like one. i made a lot of stupid mistakes when i was younger and was ashamed of them for a while. they were lessons learned though and now i do not regret them. had i not made all those mistakes, i would probably not be on the same journey i am on right now!

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Kayla (27) (@tangerinesky624) 4 years ago ago

im 18, and never really felt like a teenager. I’ve done my fair share of stupid things but I was always and still am the maturest one out of all my friends.

sometimes i wonder if i should’ve not been so responsible and mature.. and maybe that way i would’ve had more fun while i was young. but all and all i don’t regret anything.

teenagers have a such a bad rap now-a-days and i completely understand it and they deserve it, i just wish i could’ve been excluded from the stereotype.

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One (1) (@factsimile) 4 years ago ago

You stop being a teenager when you first turn 19… because your birthday marks the END of your 19th year. You’re starting your 20th year of life.
I’m 21.

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Flynnstone (810) (@flynnstone) 4 years ago ago

I’m 19. I”m turning 20 in a couple weeks, though, and it’s weird to think that I will not be a kid (of some sort) anymore. I know many people talk about being a kid/teenager at heart, but it’s not like actually being back in high school/middle school/college. I don’t really regret anything I’ve done, I just regret some things I was too scared to do at the time.

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Andrew (4) (@delsol) 4 years ago ago

20. I did some dumb shit as a teenager, I don’t regret any of it though. Making mistakes is the best way to learn.

One thing I’ve noticed about myself is that the older I get the younger I feel. I think a big part of it is that the more I learn the more I realize I don’t know.

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Skye (1,624) (@skye) 4 years ago ago

15, absolutely nothing I reget so far :)

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Matt (6) (@vendetta) 4 years ago ago

20. I have grown so much in the past two years at college bein away from home though. It’s crazy to look back and see how my entire thinking process has changed. It feels a bit strange to realize i was a completely different person from not too long ago. Love life

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Marissa (4) (@missanicole) 4 years ago ago

17, and even though i’ve made some horrible decisions, it’s in the past and i’ve learned from it. I’ve stayed on top of my schoolwork and out of the legal system, so all in all it couldn’t have been that bad! The thing i regret is the years i spent trying to fit in and caring what people thought of me.

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Dave (1) (@davedestep) 4 years ago ago

Im 16, and I find alot of the people at my school immature and closed minded, Im sure that will change though. I think I just matured faster than average. Ive als done plentyy of stupid things that may have changed my life forever, but I dont regret them.

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Anonymous (1) (@) 4 years ago ago

@ Andrew,

I’m 20, making mistakes is a great way to learn. Agreed!

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Kasey (0) (@kasey) 4 years ago ago

Seventeen. As expected, lots of mistakes, but then again, lots of learning experiences as well!

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niv (19) (@wabasabi) 4 years ago ago

17 here as well.

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vicycle (70) (@vskren) 4 years ago ago

16, I’ve made a couple stupid decisions that I regret, especially one I made just recently and my parents probably don’t trust me