Astral Projection and Out-of-Body Experiences?

2 years ago

I’m curious to know what people think about it. I welcome anyone to share any such experience. Also, I’d like to get some tips for those who have experienced it.

November 22, 2012 at 1:23 pm

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Profile photo of Liz Liz (@rebirthdayparty) 2 years ago ago

I’ve had only one out of body experience.
It happened at the end of an LSD trip when my friends and I were winding down. I dont really remember exactly how it happened except that it seemed to start after I laid my head on the back of the couch. It felt like a dream! I was looking at myself from above and behind the couch, which was strange because my couch was against a wall. I felt like I was looking at everything through a wide angle/fish eye lens and colors were so vivid.
But as soon as I identified the person on the couch as me, I felt panicked. This resulted in my floating/etherreal me getting “sucked” back into my body, like I was falling through a tunnel. When I was reunited with my body, it was so sudden that I didnt really know what happened. I thought that maybe I had been lucid dreaming, but after a few weeks of thinking on it, I realized it wad a bonafied OofB. The only thing I wish is that I knew is how to replicate that experience.

Profile photo of Vivek Hashfire Vivek Hashfire (@vivekhash345) 2 years ago ago

@rebirthdayparty, Yeah, I had similar experiences on 4AcO-DMT. After the trip, your body feels sorta alien. I also get a similar feeling during meditation… the point where I begin to disconnect, but I can never really break free. Thanks for the feedback though.

Profile photo of Brizzle Brizzle (@joenafoshi) 2 years ago ago

When I was in high school, I experienced entire days out of body. It was very bizarre to watch myself from a distance like life was a tv show. I’ve never experimented with any kind of drugs of any kind; these experiences were all “natural.” What a strange feeling! Not sure if it was fatigue, hormones, or stress (at least stress as a high school kind knows.) All I know is, what a trip!

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