2 years, 2 months ago

To be Awake.

Awake is different than being “born again”.

“Born again” one has forgotten about their past life and is given a new one

Being “born again” is a second chance at life.

To be awake is realizing that one was dreaming in a false reality and finally now they are in the reality of Truth.

Realizing that during your life you were asleep and now you finally are Alive.

There is no second chance, because it’s an infinite discovery.

There is no rebirth of the soul, only the uncovering of it.

Awaken is the ability to distinguish the Truth from the illusion.

Once one is awake judgement toward others will cease to exist and the unity of everything will be shown.

Empathy and actions of love come without force.

The universe will become a canvas of energy, rather than a stage setting for development

However, one will feel alone, because they will be awakened while everyone is sleeping

They will try and wake them, but they can’t

Then, they’ll realize they didn’t chose to be awakened or asked to be awake, they discovered it

So those sleeping can’t be forced to find the Truth

They must find it on their own

But how do can one show them what they see when their eyes are shut?

How can one make them listen when they can’t hear?

The secret is in their soul.

Regardless of their mind being asleep their soul is longing for their mind to be free & Awake.

The only thing one can do is Love.

Don’t love their mind or body, they will forever remain asleep.

Love their soul.

The soul will eventually overtake their mind.

Slowly they will start to hear and listen to you.

Slowly they will want to see what you see.

Slowly they will want to discover what you have found.

Their eyes will open.

Their ears will know hear the Truth.

They will remember what they have always known.

Finally they will discover what it is to be Awake.

November 30, 2012 at 2:40 pm

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Profile photo of whiterabbit whiterabbit (@whiterabbit) 2 years, 1 month ago ago

@kaylaepeter Beautifully put!

Profile photo of cadeus cadeus (@cadeus333) 2 years, 1 month ago ago

@kaylaepeter, Beautiful, thank you for sharing :)

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