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Matt (@greenthinker)    2 years, 6 months ago

I have been meditating consistently for about a month and a half now. My sessions are usually 10-30 minutes. After about 5 minutes the middle of my back begins to hurt. It really sucks because it distracts me a lot.

I am active. I am 5’7, 160 lbs. I use to only lift weights, so I am open to the idea that my pectoral muscles are too tight, which is causing the back pain. I am now doing P90X so I hope this will round me out better.

Anyone here ever have back pain while meditating? Did you find a way to cure it?

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Samuel (@hu13tt)2 years, 6 months ago ago

I used to get an ache in my lower back while meditating; I found that it went if I elevated my spine by sitting on cushions. Out of curiosity what posture are you sitting in? You might try another that might be more comfortable. The post here has more information on different postures;

Hope this is helpful to you.

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Eric (@blankey)2 years, 6 months ago ago

@greenthinker, Start doing yoga. Also, are you sitting up straight? If not, do so. If this still persists maybe start lying down to meditate.

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mrmojorisin (@mrmojorisin)2 years, 6 months ago ago

same thing used to happen to me, started yoga and i haven’t had back pain- during meditation or not- ever since

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Martijn Schirp (@martijn)2 years, 6 months ago ago

@mrmojorisin, Pain is not good. Sit higher on a cushion and start doing yoga (p90x yoga is ok-ish, better to take classes).

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mrmojorisin (@mrmojorisin)2 years, 6 months ago ago

yes i know… thats what i said :p

Avatar of Dominika
Dominika (@dominika)2 years, 6 months ago ago

yea for some reason when i meditate, my leg used to tense up and i didnt know why. It went away now, because i learned to take my consciousness inside my head and it distracts me.

Avatar of Juan Garza
Juan Garza (@jg93)2 years, 6 months ago ago

Getting a back massage could help. I just got one today and it helps you losen up a lot.
Hope it helps!

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Do deadlifts for a few weeks. Should help strengthen up your back.