Best Music for Breaking Free of a Funk

2 years ago

Hi all! I’m new here but I have to say I love the energy and enthusiasm everyone seems to have for embracing every second of life and making it meaningful. As someone who has suffered from clinical depression in the past, I really admire that.

I read an article on here that mentioned playing really loud impossible-not-to-move-to music to break out of fogginess, and was wondering if you kind folks could help me assemble a playlist or two. As someone who tends to be a fan of melancholy music, it struck me that perhaps my tunes were contributing to my mood. Time to mix it up a bit.

November 25, 2012 at 4:03 pm

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Profile photo of David David (@midavid87) 2 years ago ago

@optimystic — Thanks, fellow Michigander! I’ll definitely check them out. :-)

Profile photo of Julia Julia (@jugelep) 2 years ago ago

Dog Days Are Over
Shake it Out

both by Florence and the Machine!

Profile photo of icecream666 icecream666 (@icecream666) 2 years ago ago

Frank turner been inspiring to me as of late this lp has helped me through quite a bit of shit.
His lyrics are always something that resonates well with life.

and minus the bear always put’s me in a sublime mood. perfect tunes to go on a bike ride and just reflect on life

Profile photo of tyler_ponte tyler_ponte (@tylerponte) 2 years ago ago

@midavid87, “Daylight” by Matt and Kim!

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