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I’d like to share 2 things today

around 3-4 days ago i was rollerblading in nature (there was a bike path) and a bug landed on me, I flicked it off and it dropped on the grotund bounced a few times and crawled away- very amusing and thought provoking if you try and connect this incident to human lives.

Now the other thing; Ive read E.Tolles a new earth and he writes in it something along the lines of "if people just stopped and learned from a flower". Well after a long and busy day I was walking to a train station and I saw a tree, not sure what kind of tree it was but I was drawn to it, I stood by it for five minutes feeling its presence and thinking how come I cant feel like this around any person. It was magical

June 15, 2011 at 12:28 am

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There is an infintite wonder in nature, look at string theory or other quantum physics topics. What is sad about our world today is that people are more interested in lower ideals… reality tv or news commentators (as opposed to actual news reports). Instead we have mother nature that exists not necessarily in harmony with itself, but it exists and everything has a reason.

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I think it’s bc the tree is only capable of expressing truth, while other people…well ya know. There was a passage in a book I used to have that I gave away… crap I can’t remember exactly how it went :) But it was a toltec story about a girl who was with her village & pist off about something trivial.. then she runs off to go sulk basically… and she ends up turning into a tree. She freaked out at first..but then once she was a tree everything was ok. She wasn’t in a hurry anymore, none of the regular bs mattered anymore, she was able to just feel the coming & passing of all the seasons, her feet were strong & grounded,…she was at peace. Then she “came to” & went back to her village after her “revelation” & she was happy… it was a good story. Everything in nature is like that.. completely accepting of what’s around it, not in a hurry, just beautiful. That’s pretty cool Pavel :) (the name of the book was The Toltec Way by Susan something)

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