Braces, Deodorant, Shampoo, Brushing your teeth

2 years, 6 months ago

I know there’s been a lot of of discussion here before about the importante of using shampoo and the cold showers but let’s talk about this whole thing in general,
for example braces, i had braces when i was 13 (currently 26) and it was cool, they fixed my crooked teeth and all, but then years later i stopped wearing my retainer and doing the same old habits of pushing and touching my teeth with my tongue. I considered wearing braces again now, but *some stuff happened* that made me think about this so called “importance” to “modify” ourselves into something “better”, you following?
back to Deodorant, i didn’t have a problem with deodorant until i noticed the alcohol in it burned a bit of the skin on my shoulder where the spray landed, i concluded this was because i hadn’t shaken it before every use so by the end of the can it was mostly alcohol.

why do we people try to change ourselves so hard? is it our innate desire to be attractive to possible mates? i think it goes beyond that, but it’s the same, just manifested under a different paradigm or ok level, it’s also a cultural thing, not to be shunned by society we tend to blend in it, i personally don’t like it when people from my country go to other countries and flaunt around a of their own country with only friends from their own country, i’ve always believed in adapting to your surroundings instead, to how things already are, but aah this brings me back to how culture is just not right, submitting your own body to treatments of any kind to be perceived a certain way by others; Including toiletries like deodorant and toothpaste and shampoo, or braces or corrective whatevers or even surgeries.

but in spite of all this, it’s not su much about caring what “others” think about us anymore, I for example couldn’t stop wearing deodorant because even i wouldn’t agree with my own nasty smell of non-deodorant, and i could’nt stop brushing my teeth even though mthe act itself of brushing teeth slowly erodes away the gums exposing the tooth making it more vulnerable, but i guess that last one depends on if you have strong gums or not

aah feels good to be back to High Existence after sporadic passing by’s without writing or commenting much

also i wonder ir anyone else here sees a connection from this to the technological singularity?

July 31, 2012 at 3:22 pm

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Profile photo of Jeslyn Jeslyn (@jeslyntweedie) 2 years, 6 months ago ago


I think doing these things is an just another adaption human beings have to prove our worth to each other, by enforcing and displaying our abilities for motivation and ambition. 2 traits that will prove successful in any species wanting to be better as a whole-in a plethora of different ways, and all species aim for such.

Human beings- our ambition and motivation used to all be devoted to hunting, building shelter, cooking, etc. Those skills being so developed was a cue to our peers and mates of our potential worth in terms of our motivation and ambition to succeed in things necessary to survive. No need to worry about cleanliness and appearance when we need our resourcefulness for more important basic survival needs.

In a world where most of that is taken care of, some of these cues for motivation and ambition are translated into personal appearance/hygiene.

Why are smelly, unclean, highly disorganized people frowned upon, where does that automatic aversion come from? We sense the lack of motivation and ambition to utilize all the tools around us in such individuals. It’s instinctual, though perhaps sometimes misplaced on both sides, it is where this all stems from.

We have evolved as a species to admire and praise- be attracted to- those who are very resourceful, efficient, and high-functioning. Appreciation of neatness, cleanliness, and a tidy put-together appearance/home is a reflection of that.

Profile photo of Brendan Barstow Brendan Barstow C (@eyesopen) 2 years, 6 months ago ago

@jeslyntweedie, Couldn’t have said it better myself! That’s a fantastic explanation. It’s not so much the acts themselves, but what they indicate of a person’s character.

Profile photo of Aaron Aaron (@easydiesy) 2 years, 6 months ago ago

@zeitro, Totally agree with you about shampoo. I’ll never give Suave another cent of my money. It’s a total sham

And what’s your connection from your post to the singularity?

Profile photo of Sasho Stoyanov Anonymous (@) 2 years, 6 months ago ago

I like to smell fresh. That doesn’t mean that my body will stop to produce its natural odor. I watched on discovery once that symmetrical bodies smell better for some reason. “why do we people try to change ourselves so hard?” It’s not a change, it’s about staying healthy, the more healthy you are, the less money you’ll give for your health in the future. Obsession with health is unhealthy.

I’d like to see more credible information about the things in this article. Everything makes sense. –

Profile photo of David David (@zeitro) 2 years, 6 months ago ago

@easydiesy, maybe instead of singularity i should’ve said transhumanism, trying to improve ourselves with technology by merging with it, if you’ve heard of ray kurzweil, the guy takes like 300 pills a day, it’s one aspect of creating artificial things to make us better, it’s not just about becoming cyborgs, and so is all the stuff i mentioned above like toothpaste and shampoo, it’s advantages you weren’t technically born with, so yeah @jeslyntweedie, it’s tools we use to better ourselves,
but my dilemma is: what if these tools we use actually have negative effects on us, not just positive advantages.
i believe it also has to do with one’s mindset, for example if i worry that brushing my teeth is eroding away my gumlines, i’m probably just “making my gums be afraid” and thus making them more wussy and weak, thanks for the link @beyond, i’m totally changing my daily oral hygiene routines :D

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