*Bucket List*

3 years, 11 months ago

What do YOU want to do before you kick the bucket, buy the farm, and start pushing up dasies?

It doesn’t have to be a long list, post them as they come to you!

April 8, 2011 at 12:43 am

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Profile photo of Annie Annie (@arbechard) 3 years, 11 months ago ago

climb the seven summits!

Denali, Everest, Kilimanjaro, Aconcagua, Elbrus, Pyramid and Vinson :]

Profile photo of Rain Rain (@rain) 3 years, 11 months ago ago

I want to see wild parrots. In their native habitats. Just…go all Jane Goodall of the hookbills…

Parrots in the Mist…

Profile photo of Rain Rain (@rain) 3 years, 11 months ago ago

And I want to go to Ireland, to Holland, Prince Edward Island…and to New Zealand, and tour different Lord of the Rings filming locations.

Profile photo of Jordan Buuck Jordan Buuck (@ultimate23jordan) 3 years, 11 months ago ago

Step foot on every continent, scuba in the great barrier reef and in the great blue hull in belize, base jump into the cave of swallows (look it up if you don’t know what i’m talking about), and live for at least one year in 5 different countries outside the US

Profile photo of Adam Mac Adam Mac (@emceedan) 3 years, 11 months ago ago

- Visit every continent

– Skydive (very likely this summer)

– SCUBA the Great Barrier Reef

– Run my own business

– Sell all of my stuff (easy because I’m a bit of a minimalist) and live on an island somewhere. I’d like to spend at least a few months with some indigenous group.

– A couple other things I won’t say publicly =P

Profile photo of Adam Mac Adam Mac (@emceedan) 3 years, 11 months ago ago

@ Jordan – I like your style bro.

Profile photo of Rain Rain (@rain) 3 years, 11 months ago ago

Ok, I dug up my old list! (Yay for perm storage online)

1. Live in a communal style location for at least a year
2. Drop acid
3. Be published
4. Hang glide
5. See penguins in person
6. Explore the Yongala in Australia
7. Watch a huge building be intentionally imploded.
8. Stay in a real tree house
9. Swim with a killer whale
10. Eat fugu
11. Stand inside of a volcano (I’ve been at the rims of a couple, but never inside)
12. Firewalk (like over hot coals)
13. Spend a day behind the scenes at a conservatory zoo like Steve Irwin’s.
14. Spend a week completely surviving off nature and what is around me, in some remote location.
15. Go to Burning Man and Carnival in Rio
16. Fly an airplane
17. See the Amazon

I see that I need to add things to my list! (I took off things that I had done finally, lol, I wrote it quite a few years ago.

(And I agree, some things I won’t say publicly. I also have a “dirty bucket list”, lolz)

Profile photo of  Anonymous (@) 3 years, 11 months ago ago

This is actually something I’ve given a lot of thought to.
1. see the sunrise and sunset over the ocean in the same day. (done)
2. Visit a country for every year I’m alive (will be on track after next year)
3. Visit every state in the U.S. (done after this summer)
4. Hike the triple crown (at,pct,cdt) (will be done in two years)
5. Climb everest from the South Col, no real desire to do all 7
6. Ski down Denali
7. Visit every Continent (3 down)
8. Swim with sharks (done)
9. Ride a bicycle from Alaska to Argentina (alaska to mexico done)
10. Raft the Grand Canyon
11. Sky dive, bungee jump, base jump, and paraglide (first 2 down)
12. Surf the north coast of Hawaii (learning to surf now)
13. Rock climb a multi pitch route that involves a biovac at some point
14. See the northern Lights (will do this summer)
15. Sail around the world on my own boat
16. Visit the poles
17. Get certification for diving instructor and EMT (certified for both, just not instructors yet)
18. Hike the Amazon
19. Dive the blue holes in the Bahamas (look em up)
20. Finish an ultramarathon and Ironman
21. Never settle for a desk job
22. Fast at least once a year for at least 10 days (going on 3 years now)
23. Take a month of silence somewhere
24. Learn at least 5 languages (english done, latin done, spanish = working on it)
25. Become a pro in a sport (cycling over and done with)
26. swim with and touch a whale (done)
27. Live for at least a year in another country
There were a few more that I have saved somewhere else and I can’t find them right now.

Profile photo of Amelia Amelia (@mississippihippie) 3 years, 11 months ago ago

I love adding things to my bucket list! So glad you posted this :)

1) Learn as many languages as possible

2) Travel to every state in the U.S.

3) Set foot on every continent

4) Drive a car that costs more than my first house

6) Attain as much knowledge about the world as humanly possible

7) Sky diving

8) Swim with dolphins

9) Be in zero gravity

10) Complete a triathlon

11) TBA!!

Profile photo of kiley kiley (@sublimelight) 3 years, 11 months ago ago

Take many classes through out my life (tai chi, pottery/ceramics, yoga, whatever else i can get my hands on), hot air balloon, fly suit off a mountain, sky dive, bungee jump, get my pilots licence, motorcycle licence, spend 10 days at the kopan monastery in Nepal, visit EVERYWHERE, amsterdam japan new york city berlin bulgaria istanbul rome off of the top of my head, motor scooter to california from florida, being done in 2 years. party at the playboy mansion, be financially set through either a website or a restaraunt, settle in a rural area and own animals of all varieties especially goats, try copious amounts of drugs, spend time in the amazon rainforest, see california redwoods, volunteer in the peace corps,nation guard,be a certifide lifeguard, become a citizen of auroville, be a leader of a girlscout troop, backpack europe, learn spanish and a few other languages, grow cannabis, climb a mountain,, mountain bike, see as many natural wonders as possible, swim in fruit loops, direct a movie, learn to do tarot card readings, go see the psychic down the street, live independent of technology, visit hot springs, take part in la tomatina, go to the cannabis cup in amsterdam, bonaroo music festival, oktoberfest, own a house boat, study linguistics, learn about all kinds of religions, brew my own beer, distill my own liquor.
Thats it for now (:

Profile photo of Rain Rain (@rain) 3 years, 11 months ago ago

Kiley, brewing is awesome! I’ve done about 6 batches, including hard apple cider. LOVE it! Bonnaro, killer, Cannibs Cup, SO being added to my own BL. I totally spaced on it (wonder why?) I was a lifeguard, sometimes, THAT is over rated, lol.

Profile photo of Julian22 Julian22 (@sanatan) 3 years, 11 months ago ago

Apart from the movie “The Bucket List” with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, there is another awesome movie called “My Life Without Me” – don’t remember the actors, but it’s a great bucket list story about a young woman.

As for myself, I’ve been to about 30 countries so the the desire to travel is not so strong anymore, (+ lived in Paris, Amsterdam, London, India, Tokyo) ridden camels in Sharjah and elephants in Thailand, flown a two-seater plane, performed fire blowing in a circus in Germany and done lots of other crazy things so it’s hard to come up with a good bucket list, but here we go:

– Have my photographs published in a large size photo book.
– Move back to London
– Have exhibitions of my paintings and photographs in London and Paris
– Spend some time in Paris again.
– Have a young black girlfriend.
– Drive a Ferrari for a day.

Wow – this is more than I expected to come out. Better start doing something about it.

Profile photo of Lindsay Lindsay (@moonflower603) 3 years, 11 months ago ago

@ Julian, you are an inspiration! You have done many of the things on my bucket list. Now I know it’s totally possible. I’m going for it! Thanks, and good luck with the rest of your list.

Profile photo of  Anonymous (@) 3 years, 7 months ago ago

Bump… Because this thread not only reminds me of when I was still pretty new to this site, but I also want to hear some new ides on it now that there are a lot more HEthens to contribute.

Profile photo of Jøshua Jøshua (@tantchula) 3 years, 7 months ago ago

i have bucket list A.D.D.! i can’t find one thing i want to do that doesn’t lead to multiple
thing i have to do before i die. For example i want to base jump really bad. However, i
know that after first time of insane rush. I’m going to want to get so good at base jumping so i can do
all the awesome tricks and fly 100 mph a few foot away from a mountain slope. Then ill have to base jump after ingesting an entheogen. Then 100 more things combine with base jumping…anyone know what the hell I’m talking about. I just want to fucking do it all!

Profile photo of Naomi Naomi (@naomsirl) 1 year, 11 months ago ago

Travel to Australia on my own.
Visit New Zealand.
See my cousin, Leanne, in Norway.
Learn Arabic.
Learn basic sign language.
Finish the Catcher in the Rye.
Go skydiving.
Visit Niagara Falls.
Go to VidCon.
Move to LA/Hawaii/Australia.
Save someone’s life.
Start a YouTube Channel.
Go to one of the top 20 Universities.
Fall asleep on the beach.
Donate blood.
Donate bone marrow.
Donate a kidney.
Give money to a homeless person.
Write a letter to myself to read on my 17th, 18th, 19th birthday.
Join the army.
Go to New York with friends – to be completed in 6th Form (2013-2015.)
Get two A*s in Business GCSE.
Go to London.
Road trip coast to coast. (North to South.)
Carve a pumpkin.
Take my little sister to Disney World – if she hasn’t been.
Buy my own apartment.
Donate my hair.
Get a tattoo.
Send a letter to a random address and see if they respond.
Keep a diary for a whole year.
See the northern lights.
Swim with sharks.
Surf north shore.
Pay for a child’s cleft lip surgery.
Publish a book.
Go camping.
Finish high school – 2013.
Get married.
Have kids.
Go to gay pride.
Go bungee jumping.
Go on the London Eye.
Write a 50 things about me.

Profile photo of Kristian Jaded Kristian Jaded (@mentalkink) 1 year, 11 months ago ago

- Learn how to produce music, get the guts to video and post it for the interwebs to see
– Fall into free love
– ^ with this one, learn the deep reason why love is so hard (well more like except the fact I already know)
– Travel to a rain forest
– Work for a direct living
– sky dive
– Acid and mushrooms
– Play Dungeons and Dragons
– Meditate in tibet or inda with monks
– Tavel to New York and LA
– Learn spanish and french fluently, as well as more languages
– Have kids
– Fly an airplane
– Buy a farm and horses

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