Can power not corrupt man?

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Almeida (@xetado)    1 year, 11 months ago

I had myself thinking yesterday and today about this. I see especially here on Brazil the politicians are so corrupt, always aiming for themselves… And not only here, in many places in the world power has been corrupting the men. Can someone have excessive power and keep their attitudes still selfless? I would love to hear some opinions on that, thanks.

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DerpWard (@aloofcat)1 year, 11 months ago ago

i think, perhaps at first, for someone with strong morals, it would not be corrupting. however, after a time it gets tempting, i suppose…

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marthamena95 (@marthamena95)1 year, 11 months ago ago

It is said that power corrupts, but more often than not, it is a corrupted individual who is attracted to power

quote from Leadership vs. Power
Are you driven by goals or by power over others?
Published on December 31, 2009 by Robert Evans Wilson, Jr. in The Main Ingredient

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hulklol (@hulklol)1 year, 11 months ago ago

@xetado, Well, I think it would be cool to see the opinion of a professional. So I really recommend you this TED talk:

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MPHill (@everymorningbornfromtheashes)1 year, 11 months ago ago

Knowledge is power, power corrupts, read and be evil.

Haha, just kidding of course.

Depends how you use power. I would like to think if I had influence I would build people up.

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Anonymous (@)1 year, 11 months ago ago

Those who have been corrupted by power have never truly possessed power in the first place.