Centerpointe – Meditation

3 years ago

Has anyone here experienced this meditation technique? I’m listening to the intro now, and their claims seem a bit far-fetched for a soundtape… I am eager to hear you guys’ opinion.

January 20, 2012 at 2:06 pm

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Profile photo of ELI var namnet ELI var namnet (@manimal) 3 years ago ago

You should at least tell us what it is if you want people to discuss it.

I looked it up, and it looks like a typical scam to me. And how is this any different than the binaural/isochronic stuff that’s all over the web for free?

Profile photo of  Anonymous (@) 3 years ago ago

By centerpointe, do you mean picking an object and focusing on it (to center you?). hmm. I’m with Manimal. A few details would be great.

You should check out a free zen buddhist website that has live streaming and MANY videos from their temple.

or read up at

In any case, beware of scams on the internet! Lots of places that really want to give you information on meditation are free. Better yet, go to your local buddhist temple! Good luck =)

Profile photo of Damasias Damasias (@nan0fire) 3 years ago ago

okay, my bad. thanks for the interest so far.
I acquired this music for free so I’m just trying it out.
Centerpointe is a meditation system that focusses on healing how past experiences form your brain. I think it’s like binaural beats ( I think). They claim
– that you can go into certain brainwave states in moments caused by the sounds.
– that it’s like a shortcut, you don’t have to meditate for years and years and for hours on end to reach certain brainwave states
– they say the method gets you phenomenal results (and later on you can make the music customized to your specific problems, they implement the users own voice apparently)
– finally it creates an overflow of stimuli, that will make your brain go into a sort of revolution, shedding the old brain state and creating a new brain-order (new world order lol) (the old brain state being one of duality, good and bad, the new brainstate, being one of oneness)

Please correct me if I’m wrong. this is what I heard from the tape.

I’m half-way through the first “song” called: dive. It sounds like tropical rain with the sound of cymbals (spelling?) in very strange toneranges and tone combinations

I have to say. It did have an immediate impact on my head/brain. I could feel it “change” In the beginning, when closing my eyes, my eyeballs started to move quite quickly, as if shaking. They found peace after a couple of minutes and now after nearly 15 of the 30 total minutes of listening I have enough for now. I have to say though, an interesting experience.
Has anyone done this?
I’m quite cautious about “shortcuts” in personal development, but if this serves as a tool, why not use this to enhance the deepness of meditation?

Profile photo of  Anonymous (@) 3 years ago ago

I feel like it is a CD that is taking advantage of the cool fact that music and sounds have the power to alter the mind. It’s the very same way that a drop of water every 3 seconds can begin to drive one batshit crazy. I don’t doubt that combinations of sounds can give trippy and awesome experiences to a listener.

I do recommend actual meditation. The point of meditation in my experience isn’t too bypass the process to “nirvana”, but to harness the mind and strive toward heightened focus.

That said, do you have any links to the tapes? Sounds like a trip.

Profile photo of Josh Josh (@yoshknows) 3 years ago ago

Kate, there is a buddhist temple on roberston ave. on the outskirts of Norwood, which is a town north of Clifton about two exits on 71…

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