Confession, falling out of love with HE

 Anonymous (@) 6 years, 4 months ago

I spent a GOOD amount of time here when I first discovered it a few months back. I LOVED it,a-like minds meeting to share and learn through collective consciousness? Awesome!

I first came here basically looking for a place to toss out a few things, clear clouds in my head. And I did clear my cloud, it’s been great. Learned a few things along the way from a few people I really should give credit to as well. But I took what I learned and applied it. I get so caught up in life these days, it’s hard to stay dedicated to this site.

So now when I come back to this site, it’s new group of people talking (for the most part) about the same stuff as we were a few months back. Now don’t get it wrong I’m not hating on that, I just noticed there’s some people here who are essentially like guides. They have all the questions and depth they learned and are ready to share. This is where I differ. I don’t have all that much interest in sharing my perceptions.

I sound like a Prick, but this site taught me how to better talk out and gather my deep thoughts. And give more insightful advice, something I was only able to do through handwritten, or typed messages. And I learned when to pick my moments to share what I learned with others, many people need to learn it on their own or they simply won’t value the lessons and realizations to be learned. And if they don’t value them, they won’t stick.

With all these words being said, I am going to deactivate my account and continue moving on. Much like the rest of my story, this site was just a very helpful phase in a critical life stage all in attempt to figure out who I am and what I’m doing, in hopes of being a good book!

So a thank you to all who know me, I’ll keep this site active till the next time I come around a computer. Hope to see and hear how some of you are doing

February 20, 2012 at 4:15 am
Dick (364) (@dick) 6 years, 3 months ago ago

“When you get the message, hang up the phone.” – Alan Watts
True enough, but I can’t help but think that what Watts’ was trying to convey with that statement was in a different context.
I went through a phase where I thought I had it all figured out. I understood the message. Time to hang up? Thankfully I realized that the message kept changing every time I listened to it. The surer I am about something the more I doubt its validity. The message changes with context.
To me a medium such as HE is not a finite resource. It is an ever changing context. To think that you can reach the zenith of what HE offers tells me that you have formed the belief that you got the message.
“I don’t have all that much interest in sharing my perceptions”
Sounds like you don’t want your perceptions/belief to be challenged, and it sounds like you have already decided your path. ‘Phase 2 complete, progressing to phase 3’. This kind of linear thinking suggests to me that, if there is a phase 2, you are in its early stages which are characterized by illusions of clarity.
I apologize for coming off a bit the antagonist, but my intent is purely in the interest of sharing my perceptions. That’s what people do here.

Anonymous (2,653) (@) 6 years, 3 months ago ago

Phones were not invented a long time ago. :) What I am trying to say is this –
You’re human.

Manimal (2,993) (@manimal) 6 years, 3 months ago ago

@dick It was in a different context, but it’s the exact same principle. No matter if it’s a drug or a belief or another person, they’re all just temporary, and I think they have a purpose that is for you to “get to the next level.”

I’m not saying you should think you have it all figured out. (remember this thread? That’s not what I mean when I say “getting the message.”

I don’t think that the issue was that Kirk didn’t want his perceptions and beliefs to be challenged, but simply that he was here to learn from others rather than help others. Some want to learn, others want to help, others want both. People are different, and different people come here for different reasons.

However, discussing with Kirk is kind of pointless since he’s deactivated his account. Not trying to come across as an antagonist, just my two cents.

Dick (364) (@dick) 6 years, 3 months ago ago

@Manimal-Just read it. I remember that I started reading it but got distracted. Most of my post wasn’t directed at you, but at the man who has, apparently, left the room.
Philosophically, I have difficultly seperating the desire to learn from the desire to help. Self help in the context of nearly 7 billion people on the planet seems quite pointless.

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