Consciousness in sub-atomic space

2 years, 12 months ago

Hi, tonight I was with some friends and at one point we watched some BBC documentary show where some spooky guy, smiling ALL THE TIME, was explaining about the structure of the diamond – atoms arranged closely together – and about the free space between atom nucleus and the electron which he strongly emphasized that its empty, repeating that word many times. This is a special trick they use to manipulate you into their frame – repeat some special words many times to direct you into thinking something connected to them. For example in that show he was trying to convince the watchers that the space between the atoms/quarks is so small but at the same time it’s so empty and that "everything is connected to everything else" (which is a bending of the truth that everything IS everything) and so on, so basically it was a bunch of lies.

Still, I know from experience that even when they are lying to you you can learn something. And as I can see at exactly which point they are trying to sneak in their idea by lying about something, then maybe it’s a good idea to think about what they are trying to hide and it’s usually whatever it is they’re lying about.

So, if they are saying that space between atoms is empty and that is probably a lie, then what is in that space? A very interesting idea came to me that in the ‘free’ space in matter is where consciousness lies. Why so? I thought that the more something is solid and hard, the less free space there is between the atoms and the less consciousness there will be, for example the diamond is one of the (or the?) most solid materials and its form is very stable and it hardly changes. I relate change to be an act of consciousness. Now, what about less solid materials, like fluids? Water. You know about Emoto’s experiment with water where he basically proves that it has consciousness by showing how the water molecules react to the way you speak to them.

Do you think we could say that the less solid matter is, meaning there is more space between the quarks/atoms/molecules/whatever, the more conscious it is, hence why humans have water as a main component in their organs..? They say life was created in water, maybe life is a more conscious part of matter… Which brings me to the pragmatic idea that maybe its better to drink more water.

Maybe because our minds are located in a place (brains?) where it’s not just free space but also solid or semi-solid matter, maybe that’s why we are not 100% conscious, because some part of "us" cannot change that easily because it’s material…

March 4, 2012 at 2:58 am

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Profile photo of Jody Hatton Jody Hatton (@xdude) 2 years, 12 months ago ago

I think Bill Hicks said it best.

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