Creating a 4 HWW Muse: I just did, have you?

3 years ago

I feel that with this crowd here a lot of you have either read or at least have heard of the 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss.

The muse is all about automating your income and freeing up time to do what you really love.

In my case, that free time is to surf, make music, and enjoying the adventure of life.

I have been consulting and making mostly "independently located" money for a while, but I am just about to launch my first real "muse" type business next week. (Black Friday, nice timing huh?)

Here is a post I wrote about the process, from Muse inception to launch…

It’s long, but there was a lot involved. Also, it’s a little general so I can elaborate on the specific steps later on.

I’m interested to hear of anyone else’s experience in creating something like this.

Looking forward to your responses!

Surfs up,

11.18.2011 at 7:24 pm

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Profile photo of Jennifer Jennifer (@seashorr) 3 years ago ago

Curious to read, where’s the link?

Profile photo of Sal Greco Sal Greco (@surferlifestyle) 3 years ago ago

Haha, of course I would forget the link… Here it is:

Thanks Jennifer!

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