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Alan Sanford (@chronomortae)    1 year, 9 months ago

Today’s society is a decrepit one. People have forgotten what loving and connecting with others are, their eyes are blinded by the shine of gold. Every moment of every day is spent in separating ourselves from each other, more effort spent in keeping others out. Dreams and hopes are extinguished every day. This world slowly dies, and whenever I feel connected with the world I can hear each and every scream and feel every pain it feels, and it depresses me. So I ask of you all, what is it that keeps you going? What stops you from removing yourself from this plane, knowing that noone would care if you do?

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Ellie (@tangledupinplaid21)1 year, 9 months ago ago

@chronomortae, Realizing that it’s not about what other people think about my value as a person or whether they care that I exist. I’m not existing for them. I’m here to experience as much as I can. What makes those people’s opinions more valuable than yours?

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highideals (@highideals)1 year, 9 months ago ago

@chronomortae, I often find myself depressed as well. But i think that is healthy. The reason i feel depressed is because i feel empathy for others who have life much harder than I do. The reason i go on is so that one day i can hopefully better someone else’s existence with my past experiences. Ya i could check out. Kill myself and travel into the cast darkness that is “the unknown” but if indeed i only get one life to be me i’m going to take advantage of that.

Furthermore, i think the reason most people check out is because of these expectations society fabricates. like@tangledupinplaid21, said, why care what everyone else is telling you what to do. It sounds stupid but why not just do whatever makes you happy? Just exist as an organic substance with no “divine purpose”. People get so caught up in making meaning of existence but there may never be any graspable meaning. So maybe we just need to sit back and take it all in, JUST LIVE.

However i feel like my purpose may be to do just that: “to help others realize that not knowing our “purpose” is normal. Not weird.” I want everyone to free their minds.

Sorry for the lack of structure and hope this helps

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Vince (@phatpackage)1 year, 9 months ago ago

No matter the amount of pain or hardships you go through, ending it is simply never the answer. If you’ve found your way to this site I’m sure you have a curious mind. Feed it. Find new things to do, places to explore, people to meet. And yes there will be lows, But I believe we experience this unhappiness as a means of self actualization, to push us and make our lives better. Be the change you wish to see in this world. Don’t let the haters getcha down. =)

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Jonny (@jonnyiscool)1 year, 9 months ago ago

The one thing in my life that keeps me going is myself. My want to change and shift the world into my own creation of perfection keeps me growing and thinking.

It seems like their are two poles in our reality, the negative one and the positive one. Some people can get trapped in the negative one and begin thinking that our world is doomed to fail, while others get trapped in the positive one and begin thinking that our world is absolutely perfect.

Because of the differences in thought of the two extremes, optimists and pessimists will never be able to agree on life. That’s why on this website you’ll see people speaking about how we’re all doomed and others about how perfect every moment is.

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Alan Sanford (@chronomortae)1 year, 9 months ago ago

Is it possible then, to feel truly alive in a world today? In the olden days the world seemed a mysterious place full of adventure. But the world was slowly mapped, its wonders uncovered and known and now it seems such a boring place. Even the aspect of life seems mapped out for me. Is it still possible? Is a life full of freedom to search our dreams and our hopes unfettered by social bonds and duties still possible? Can we truly journey without the safety nets of society and more importantly, can our minds free itself from the chains society has placed upon us over decades, beliefs that life without society is impossible? Or is the only new frontier left in this place beyond the river of Styx?

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Anonymous (@)1 year, 9 months ago ago

@chronomortae, Well here’s how I look at it.

Today’s society is a hopeful one. People are beginning to love and connect with one another again, there minds numb to shiny gold. Every moment of every day can be spent on becoming at one with yourself and being at one with everyone else. Dreams and hopes come true everyday. The world slowly moves forward and changes, and whenever I feel connected with the world I feel love and hear laughter, and it feels fucking great.

That’s what keeps me going. It’s all about perception.

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Anonymous (@)1 year, 9 months ago ago

@chronomortae, Don’t take life so seriously. Sure, act with sincerity; but never take it seriously.

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DaDuke (@dukevonschmot)1 year, 9 months ago ago

We can’t stop. This is why we have all chosen to be hear. We all agreed before this life on the terms and conditions and if you are here then you accepted. Just because the world seems to be filled with war and hatred, does not mean that life IS war and hate. We keep fighting for the true existence. Hundreds of years ago you could not find this many people who were willing to truly express their thoughts and beliefs. In this age we have the opportunity to do that and we must utilize it while we can in order to give our species the chance to carry on. All the hell and misfortune on earth cannot stop us at achieving the perfect existence. Even if we die, we will die trying.

We must always take the high road, even if all others are taking another path. Be giving, nice, stern, and never stop trying to improve your life or the lives around you. Life is perspective, make it a good one.

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Anonymous (@)1 year, 9 months ago ago

Hope, dreams, love and faith keep me going.

I am certain that every single action I take, no matter how small and unnecessary it seems – still influences the events around me. Everything I do contributes in some way to this world, and it’s important that I do those things. It is up to me in what way my actions influence the world: positive or negative. I don’t have the power to control what’s going on, but I do have the power to control my reactions.
I alone can’t save or change the whole world, but I can change myself and therefore have a great impact on my surroundings.

Only people that see with their eyes are blinded by the shine of gold. But you forgot about the ones that see the world with their hearts. There’s still people like that out there. Not all is lost – yet.

As long as there are people that care and that are willing to bring a change, there will always be a cure for pain.

I’ve noticed that my moods are very contagious. Whenever I’m sad, depressed or even hopeless, the people around me start to feel the same way. Whenever I’m energetic, enthusiastic and optimistic, the people around me start to feel the same way.

So I believe that if I put positiveness, hope, happiness and love in all of my actions, people will feel it. And they will eventually start acting the same way.

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CosmicLemonade (@cosmiclemonade)1 year, 9 months ago ago

@chronomortae, “Today’s society is a decrepit one.”

Society is just a word we use to communicate the broad idea that laws, procedures, institutions, and past experiences constitute some tangible force which directs human life. Fortunately, society is an illusion created by thinking of the world in such terms.

“People have forgotten what loving and connecting with others are, their eyes are blinded by the shine of gold.”

Love is never forgotten, only overlooked, and then remembered to greater effect. I would say we are not blinded, but merely distracted by illusions of power over others which are only given tangibility through one’s self-victimizing perceptions of “society”. This applies especially to those with the greatest power in this world. This is because the greatest justification for abusing power over others is the self-victimizing mindset.

“Every moment of every day is spent in separating ourselves from each other, more effort spent in keeping others out.”

Surely not every moment! :) Especially considering many people realize what you just said and therefore strive with ever breath to do the opposite.

“Dreams and hopes are extinguished every day.”

Some dreams and hopes need to die, to make room for new and possibly better dreams and hopes. Or better yet, allow a mindset in which it is possible to make whatever you are currently doing into a dream lived. Now that would be an accomplishment.

“This world slowly dies, and whenever I feel connected with the world I can hear each and every scream and feel every pain it feels, and it depresses me.”

This slow death may, in my opinion, be a mistaken metaphorical perception of a process more to similar to the time just before the butterfly emerges from the cocoon. Read this explanation of imaginal cells.

“The caterpillars new cells are called ‘imaginal cells.’ They resonate at a different frequency. They are so totally different from the caterpillar cells that his immune system thinks they are enemies…and gobbles them up–Chomp! Gulp! But these new imaginal cells continue to appear. More and more of them! Pretty soon, the caterpillar’s immune system cannot destroy them fast enough. More and more of the imaginal cells survive. And then an amazing thing happens! The little tiny lonely imaginal cells start to clump together, into friendly little groups. They all resonate together at the same frequency, passing information from one to another. Then, after awhile, another amazing thing happens! The clumps of imaginal cells start to cluster together!.., A long string of clumping and clustering imaginal cell, all resonating at the same frequency, all passing information from one to another there inside the chrysalis.”

“So I ask of you all, what is it that keeps you going?”

Love and evolution. The story. Its fascinating to me.

“What stops you from removing yourself from this plane, knowing that noone would care if you do?”

The New. New ideas, new perceptions of life, love, and the universe. Also, finding the old in the new through a certain dreamlike state accessed only through profound wonder in all things. This is truly why I stick around: the push outwards, the “leap of faith” as some would call it, only to find the feeling of utmost familiarity. Unless you do not, in which case you will eventually; though you do have to stick around to find out, as well as create it all, which you cannot avoid doing. Death is just the opposite of life, which means its exactly the same thing. Think, hate is a form of self-love, hot and cold are two poles divided by their center, the organism is an integral part of the environment as well as its Observer, darkness is where light travels, intuition and rationality are both forms of awareness, males and females embody contrasting methods of thought which balance eachother

These examples could go on and on.

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Ra (@grandkintaro777)1 year, 9 months ago ago

I lack faith in a lot of things, but humanity one day growing to understand each other and make it to space rather than nuking each other is something I’d put my money on.

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Kat (@kcv213)1 year, 9 months ago ago

I think you have the antidote to your concerns right here. The world isn’t full of horrible, pessimistic people, you are just happening to notice them. This website wouldn’t exist and thrive if that’s all there was :)

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Ray Butler (@trek79)1 year, 9 months ago ago

@chronomortae, Because I realize that my goals have been wrong. A goal to change the world is wrong, a goal to direct people is wrong. My goals now are to embrace my passions and do the best I can at them. My goal is to find a greater psychological balance in myself and to interact most appropriately with others. This is general, I know, but it is an ongoing learning curve.
One of my passions is offering insight/opinion on issues and if people find help in that then that’s nice but that is not my goal, that goal is wrong. If your goal is an affect on others then you will always fall short but if your goal is affecting yourself, doing your best, no matter its external impact, the introspective balance is much more attainable.
Why are the faults of others your problem? You have enough problems with your own faults and all you can do is your best and doing that has to be enough, otherwise it can only mean you are taking blame and a weight from what isn’t in your power, that is illogical and futile, phenomenally more so than the world.

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Shivvy (@shivvy)1 year, 9 months ago ago

To see how this plays out, honestly. I used to think about whether or not suicide is worth it, and then I started reading some of Alan Watts’ material and now the question no longer bothers me. Good and bad oscillate constantly, they come and go but one will never be permanent. Worse comes to worse, humans kill themselves off and life still perseveres on this planet and then the next species attempts to become the dominant one without killing itself off.

Plus, suicide would be a really, really, really shitty experience to go through. Those 15 seconds dangling from that rope, the 7 seconds leading to your death after a 10 story fall, none of it sounds appealing.

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Michael (@peacefulmotivators)1 year, 9 months ago ago

To be somebody that feels loved by someone beautiful in each and every way. To find balance in my emotions and thoughts. To find that I am someone worthy of love and friendship. To find the beauty that exists all the time everywhere. To be at peace with my past, future and present. To be alive. To see the dawn. To feel. To know the world.

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Christian (@logicalliberty)1 year, 9 months ago ago

What you do doesn’t really matter… Just suck the wonders of the world to you, and enjoy every second. Don’t worry be happy, it actually makes a lot of sense.

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KYANNE KID (@KYANNE-KID)1 year, 9 months ago ago

@highideals, no lack of structure at all, this is my answer exactly, all of what you said is so normal so natural so liberating. I am taking your response to help my closed ones when they ask me similar questions.

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ELI var namnet (@manimal)1 year, 9 months ago ago

@chronomortae, “Today’s society is a decrepit one.”

-So what? It’s just society. Fuck it.
If you wanna play society, this is how it’s played. If you don’t like that game, don’t fucking play it.

Have you not a brain to think and decide for yourself? Hmm?

“People have forgotten what loving and connecting with others are, their eyes are blinded by the shine of gold.”

-Right… blame the gold, blame the shine.
People CHOOSE this, gold just happens to be their favoured object of obsession. It could just as well be something else, anything else.
And again, you are not these people. They have their lives, they do what they want, you have your life, you do what you want.

What does it matters if others want the same things as you? Why do you want to decide what’s right for them? Hmm?

“Every moment of every day is spent in separating ourselves from each other, more effort spent in keeping others out.”

-Is this how you live? Then either stop it, or stop bashing it.
If it’s not how you live, then what’s the issue? Not everyone lives that way, and what does it matter if other people live like that anyway? It’s their choice, their favoured opinions and decisions, they have a right to it just like you have a right to yours.

It’s called freedom. Embrace it.

“Dreams and hopes are extinguished every day.”

-That’s life. What would it be without the ups and downs? Without the challenges and qualifications? Hmm?
Embrace it.

“This world slowly dies, and whenever I feel connected with the world I can hear each and every scream and feel every pain it feels, and it depresses me.”

The world isn’t dying. The previous culture is, and a bunch of people are. So what? That’s just the world, and things will always be weeded out. That’s our world, thanks to that we exist.
Embrace it.
The world itself is fine. If the fleas on a dog die, that implies nothing about the dog itself, only about the fleas.

The world doesn’t depress you, YOU DO. Nobody and nothing can ever MAKE you think or feel anything, it’s your mind and it does what you tell it to do.

“So I ask of you all, what is it that keeps you going?”

-I do. Why would I care about all the other irrelevant distractions? I have my own life, that’s enough, I have something called free will, and that’s enough to keep a man going no matter what.
I’m not here for the impression or to absorb and float along. I’m here for the expression, to create, to form and redirect.

It seems you have adopted the mentality of a stimulation bunny. You want to be treated, stimulated, cared for, impressed, given.
That’s the issue, demanding and relying on people and circumstances to give you what you want.
Be the source, be the sun, not a little stimulation bunny.

”Small minds are focused on receiving, being stimulated and cared for.
Average minds are focused on having, being, enjoying.
Great minds are focused on creating, expressing, and giving.”

-My old mentor

Glorious minds are concerned with ideas and ambition.
Mediocre minds are concerned with thoughts and events.
Lousy minds are concerned with people and circumstances.

-Same man

“What stops you from removing yourself from this plane, knowing that noone would care if you do?”

-I do. Isn’t that self-explanatory? Hmm?

As for this plane, this is all the planes there is. This is not one plane, but a metric shitload of planes. What you see is the sum total of all of it.
Removing yourself means removing yourself from ALL planes.
And I don’t think that’s possible.

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Jordan (@jaethedream)1 year, 9 months ago ago

@chronomortae, I stay entertained. Just delve into the details of life and actually live. Whenever something seems old/ boring I do something else and it always turns out more interesting than I thought.

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Goglosh (@goglosh)1 year, 9 months ago ago

Well, I just try to better myself, there is a shitload (pardon my french) of stuff I have to improve withing my very own person, and it sort of takes me apart from judging whatever is going on in the world.

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Blubl0cker (@jbc3817)1 year, 9 months ago ago

@chronomortae knowing that I can be that one positive person, who is not like the rest of this terrible world, to love and connect with others and give more people a reason to stay on this “plane.”

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whales (@pwhalen)1 year, 9 months ago ago

@chronomortae, I challenge you to push the limits of what you think you know. I challenge you to try and accomplish something you don’t think is possible. I challenge you to shed your fear.

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tyler_ponte (@tylerponte)1 year, 9 months ago ago

@chronomortae, I saw a quote somewhere, maybe on here but it’s perfect for your topic!

“Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness. Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree, you still believe it to be a beautiful place.”

I really like it, I’m not sure who said it though. Pretty much just look for the beauty and try improve this world as best you can and endure the bad.

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Nick (@splashartist)1 year, 9 months ago ago

@chronomortae, Life is a play that you take part in. It is wise not to forget this. Do not forget that you are only playing a role. Your simply romanticizing with one side of the coin and forgetting the other side. Beauty is all around you, its your job to pay attention.