Debt slavery

2 years ago

Infinite government growth

‘Infinite spending is also infinite power over the economy. A government that has no limits on spending has no limits on its growth. It also has no moral restraint over the scope of the domain it claims to control. Need another 200,000 TSA agents to run crotch-o-rama checkpoints on the streets of America? No problem: There’s no debt limit, so just invent the money out of thin air and spend away!’

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11.21.2012 at 11:36 am

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Profile photo of marthamena95 marthamena95 (@marthamena95) 2 years ago ago

Remember, rights are not granted by the government. People are born with rights, they are not aquired nor taken away. Rights are not even granted by (God, supposing you believe in God.

For example, the us constitution clearly states that “rights are protections of the individual against the government’s actions”.

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