Desire VS Fear

2 years, 2 months ago

What if the thing you desire most is the one you feared most?

I mean people have limits, and Im stuck between them. I didnt get what i desire and still fear of it, what should I do?

December 12, 2012 at 6:20 am

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Profile photo of Ray Butler Ray Butler M (@trek79) 2 years, 2 months ago ago

@salvat0re, What, do you want a broad principle that may be applied to your specific situation? You just try to do the best you can at what you are good at and it opens up options. If your desire is within those options then it is yours, if not you are simply placing too much emphasis on your desires, live within your means. Your means will never be greater than your best, so all you can do is try to reach your best and enjoy the rewards that come with that.

Profile photo of  Anonymous (@) 2 years, 2 months ago ago

Maybe you didn’t get what you desire, because your are afraid.

Profile photo of Ajie Hastomo Ajie Hastomo (@salvat0re) 2 years, 2 months ago ago

@trek79, The thing is, i think what i feared the most is something like my passion. I love it very much, I even dream it in my sleep since i desire it very much and I do it in front of mirror when no people around. I mean i couldnt get it out of my mind, im always picturing myself in the future that im gonna do that thing i feared the most.

Do you think i will always gonna be like this or in the future i can adapting myself and transform into that person?

Profile photo of ELI var namnet ELI var namnet (@manimal) 2 years, 2 months ago ago

@salvat0re, Here’s the thing about fear… when you fear something, you keep it at a certain distance, where it’s close enough to keep an eye on it, but not so close that it may “hurt” you.

If you want that thing, you must push through and crush the fear. This can only be done by consistent effort, this is known as “exposure therapy.”
The problem isn’t that your desire alludes you, the problem is that you’re giving up. Never give up, always keep pushing.

That’s what makes the difference between results and lack of results. If you give up, you’ve just wasted a bunch of time and energy for nothing.

Limits can be broken, it’s quite simple actually. “Living within your means” is bogus, because you don’t even know your means yet. And they’re a lot bigger than you think.
People have a horrible tendency to greatly overestimate their previous efforts, and even more greatly underestimate their potential.
You’re a human being, your potential is fucking vast, gigantic, it would be such a shame to settle for less.

That’s the thing, things aren’t really that hard, they just seem impossible because you give up or settle for less. As long as you do that, things will keep appearing impossible, when in fact they’re fully possible.

Don’t settle for less, don’t have a plan B. In the olden times, armies would burn their own ships when they reached enemy land. That way, there was only one way to get out alive, victory.

This is why people rarely succeed, they have too many safety nets and parachutes and padding, always something to fall back on. That’s the mentality that makes it pretty much impossible to achieve anything.

Face your fears, get what you want.

Nothing comes for free. There is nothing in this world that is not earned. Pain and pleasure, joy and fear, wealth and poverty, they’re all EARNED.

Claim your balls, step up, and get what you want.


Profile photo of Ray Butler Ray Butler M (@trek79) 2 years, 2 months ago ago

@manimal, True that, a persons potential is almost always greater than they think, I didn’t mean to underscore anything by saying “Live within your means”. Your means are only limited by your absolute best, something to strive for, something that even if you never fully realize at least you cannot be down on yourself for not commiting to it with all your strength and intent.
@salvat0re, Embracing your passion is what it is all about. My passion is writing fiction but I am often plagued with doubt of its worth, but the thing is: if it is what others will think of it that counts then my passion is not really writing fiction, it is pleasing others. The entire worth of my passion is in doing it, even if it is absolute crap in the eyes of everyone else, because that is where I am in bliss.

Profile photo of BornAgainGenius BornAgainGenius (@bornagaingenius) 2 years, 2 months ago ago

I beleive that most of us fear success even though it’s the thing we strive for the most. What do you do with it once you have acheived it? Pressures are increased as well as responsibility…

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