DIAGNOSIS (right or wrong)

3 years, 10 months ago

Hi there, I was diagnosed on 2/25 with a ear-throat bacterialinfection and put on antibotics and steroids. On 3/9, it was upgraded to acute tonsilitus and the antibiotic changed. My research now shows that the meds most times only delay the inevitable surgery to remove the tonsil(s). In the meantime, it’s amazing how much run around you get from the medical community when you should simply be resting and trying to recuperate. Talking is uncomfortable and painful but they have me on the phone talking nontheless. I’m chasing doctor’s to get the one that will pull the trigger on short-term disability because my employer (I’m a nanny) isn’t paying me. Good news is that I called my insurance this morning that I was told ran out 2/28 to find that I am covered thru 3/31 and she was knowlegeable enough to get me the right information to transition be into a new policy in NJ that mirrors the one I had in NY. What a blessing she was and I told her so again and again and again….. :)

So what are your stories? Share so we can learn how to avoid pitfalls and stop reinventing the bureacratic (sp???) wheel.

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March 11, 2011 at 6:07 pm

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Profile photo of Alex Eastman Alex Eastman (@alex) 3 years, 10 months ago ago

I don’t know any pitfalls, but i was diagnosed with a auto-immune disorder in 5th grade, and if I had listened to the local doctors for ONE MORE WEEK, I’d be Blind right now. I was so lucky that my family doctor came back early from vacation and got us convinced to goto Riley Hospital in Indy.

Profile photo of rosemarie rosemarie (@roesplace) 3 years, 10 months ago ago

Hi Alex. Thank you for telling me your experience. I remember your story now from another discussion, and it is inspiring. I want to applaude your family doctor!!! Stories like yours and several others that wrote in along with too many I have myself, is the reason I posted this discussion specfic to diagnosis. We all unfortunately have had these experiences and some have killed loved ones and friends. The medical community is way too often ego driven and hates to admit they have failed since their commodity is “saving human life”. Death is part of life. Mistakes and failures by the medical community needs to be recognized and addressed. You might find it interesting to know that a study was done to see what happened if a doctor was compassionate and apologized upon making an error. It seems the patients were less likely to sue. The dr.s that were distant and didn’t apologize had a high rate of malpractice suits. No surprise huh? I will post some stories daily about this subject for education purposes so we laymen/women are more informed as we handle medical issues that arise for ourselves and our loved ones and to share with others. After my mom’s death, I wanted to create a “Layperson’s Guide To Illness and Hospitalization” but was so overcome with grief for so many years it has taken a backseat. Maybe now is the time to pursue that pamphlets and self-publish it.

Have a great day Alex, I’m glad your “here”…clearly your path was not completed that day in grammar school…your mission may be to share your story and guide others,
In LL&L, R

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