Joseph (@warriors41) 6 years, 5 months ago

I don’t know how to start this discussion but I really want to talk about how weird DNA is. It’s a spiral? a double helix? it’s made with 4 chemicals (GTCA) it’s like a spiral ladder?? Not to mention that there’s millions and millions of these strands collectively in all our cells.

And how about chromosomes. little X shaped (and Y in males) DNA constructed codes of stringular information which is supposed to hold genes from our ancestors?

And also, I have experimented with what I heard is this outside force around us that reacts with DNA (I think it’s some kind of light, but I have no reason to think this). Like say you love someone, as long as you feel this love, you will be more open to getting a better reaction in your DNA from your environment. In my experiment this was true, but I have yet been able to replicate my results. A new test is being started by my friend and I may have better info later.

So anyways, DNA is strange and whenever I think about it I can’t help but picture a huge (huge) 4 dimensional landscape (if you know what a tesseract is this may help to understand) and then inside was a bunch of spiral waves interacting with eachother, until after 4 times and lots of years of sharing genes…. we get a highly evolved and self aware species (compared to MOST other animals) and it exists in these huge amount of spiraling DNA.

And how is it that we replicate our DNA?

December 14, 2011 at 8:35 pm
Manimal (2,993) (@manimal) 6 years, 5 months ago ago

It’s not a spiral, a spiral expands more with every rotation. It’s a helix, which has the same circumference all the way.

Also, something really strange about human dna in particular is that some of the chromosomes are fused together in a unique way, leaving room for additional complexity without a longer dna “code.” Also, we have lots and lots of unused dna. Even dna “strands,” only two are active, which makes that “ladder” shape. But there are more “strands” which are unused. Really weird.

Austin (0) (@austinmartin) 6 years, 5 months ago ago

@ Joseph — That’s a pretty interesting experiment with the rice in water (and yes, rice does have DNA). Try some repeat experiments, see if this can stand up to the scientific method.

Honestly though, I’m skeptical when it comes to human emotions having a direct, almost telekinetic impact on other living things in the vicinity. But I’ve heard of this other guy, Cleve Backster, who, in the sixties, tried something pretty similar to what you’re trying.

He hooked a lie detector up to some plants and then observed that negative thoughts were picked up by the plant. I think he thought about burning the plant, for instance, and the plant’s reaction showed up on the lie detector.

Here’s his wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cleve_Backster

And here’s the actual published article on this experiment: http://www.rebprotocol.net/clevebaxter/Evidence%20of%20a%20Primary%20Perception%20In%20Plant%20Life%2023pp.pdf

This guy’s experiment didn’t stand up to repeat experiments. So, although I would love to believe that things like plants and rice can actually directly feel human emotion, I’ll need a bit more convincing. Which is why I would love to see you set up some repeat experiments (who knows what sort of bacteria might have already been present in the “hate” jar before the experiment?)

dartanion (1) (@tanion) 6 years, 5 months ago ago

I’m currently reading a book called Genome. It will answer many of the questions you are asking in an easy to understand way. You should check it out.


Alex (550) (@hollowinfinity) 6 years, 5 months ago ago

“During an organisms growth phase from embryo to adult some of the DNA’s instructions remain inactive until the requisite level of maturity has been reached, at which point they are stimulated into action.”
When the student is ready. The teacher will appear.
There are also instances in which an incorrect DNA message will cause a cell to multiply in an uncontrolled way becoming a cancer.

If DNA is reprogrammed, and changed through thought, then what really causes cancer?
Cancer is created by us, and our thoughts. Positivity is golden.

Is the food we put into ourselves, that are chemically altered causing it too? Maybe the chemically altered DNA of our food, is interacting with our dna, and causing major issues. It’s like playing with fire with alcohol.

“It is only in exceptional circumstances that DNA’s message becomes transformed in such a way that a new variety or even species appears on the planet”
If this is true, then WE create new life. We are freaking gods, and no one pays attention to it. Also, this goes directly against the standard belief of evolution. It’s not random, it’s not gradual. It’s intelligently altered, and formed.
Humans have reached a point where we have been able to permanently fix mutations in ourselves and animals by isolating mutations and errors in the DNA. The change occurs, and when the strand replicates, it is passed to its offspring with the correction. Now imagine that the universe is capable of doing this on a larger scale? Maybe we have reached a point where we are “too mutated” We have obviously become to material in existence. Our priorities are off, we are no longer part of nature. It’s like how a galaxy sized twist in space actually pulls violating particles back in order, back to what they ‘should’ be doing. Are we violating particles?
DNA and the bible. Cosmic Serpent, twins, ladders (DNA) Genes make up DNA
Genes, Genesis?

The serpents instruction to eve. Eat the fruit. Get knowledge. Learn.

In passover..they tell you for 7 days you shall not have leaven in your house. No leaven in your bread. The word leaven came from the greek word enzumous, which means Enzyme.
When DNA repairs itself, the enzyme gets taken out, the DNA SPLITS ***The parting of the red sea***

Really, it all makes sense. The problem arose when we went from using language metaphorically, because we had no other options as humans, to the language we use now, that is very well defined. It’s an obvious mistake, and people couldn’t have foreseen it.

What did moses use to part the sea? His rod (lawl) but later in the story, that rod turned into a serpent. (DNA?)
after the passover, great CHANGE came. The DNA was repaired!
God, I wish I could talk about this with many many people.

Joseph (114) (@warriors41) 6 years, 5 months ago ago

Wow wow! great stuff everyone!

@austin A repeat experiment is in the making :)

@alex Holy! those are interesting connections. The bible has always seemed like such a crazy ridiculous story with such profound meaning but the way it is preached is often always so stupidly. It was written by men not god.
You say DNA can be reprogrammed through thought? Can this actually be done? :o

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